Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Utah Freedom Ride 2011

FreedomRide May 21st 2011

The National Armed Forces FreedomRide was started last year by a lady named Gypsy aka Cathy Hopper. Every state has their own ride, but are part of the National Event celebrating Armed Forces Day. I am the Utah Chairman, so it is my Honor to organize the ride for Utah.

I'll spare you the planning details, besides it all just fell into place...

My brother-in-law and three friends rode down from Idaho the Friday before the ride to join us on the FreedomRide. My garage has never looked so good!

My family had a pre-ride party Friday night at Liquid Joes to watch Gam e'on play. My son Fenton is in the band, and we all had a good time being groupies for a night. Some groupies had a better time than others, I'll just say that what happens at Liquid Joes STAYS at Liquid Joes!

The Utah FreedomRide started with registration at the Fort Douglas Museum, the museum was arranged for by the American Legion Riders. We then rode from Fort Douglas to three military monuments across the valley, and then to Miller Motorsports Park where we took a lap on the race track, followed by lunch while listening to a great oldies band.

Registration Saturday morning.

A car on display. I didn't verify this, but I believe the man in the back did this car as a tribute to his son.

In case someone gets...MASHed....

A good variety of bikes showed up; much more interesting than a bike specific event.

Some classics.

A few of my favorite bikes were there!Umm....

Leaving Fort Douglas. A Spyder is in our midst!

We had a flyover...of sorts. The Pentagon has a moratorium on flyovers so we had to take what we could get. Good thing the Tooele airport is nearby.

Lots of single headlights!

Lining up to take a lap on the Miller Motorsports Park track.

The pace car.

Excitment builds.

Filing out to the track behind the pace car.

I'm in good company, an Aprila, Victory, and a BMW K 1200 are in front of me.

Painted Desert, an AWESOME band put on a great show donating their time and talent for a super cause.

All proceeds will be donated to the Homeless Veterans Fellowship.

Thank you to everyone who came out and helped it be a great day!

It was a great ride, I have to thank those who supported the FreedomRide;

Miller Motorsports Park

Arrow 103.5 Oldies Rock

Timpanogas Harley Davidson

South Valley Motorsports

Painted Desert (The Band)

But the biggest thanks of all goes to my family, they are the ones who made this ride work,

Will & Debbie - How did we ever survive without you?

Tiffany - In charge of registration and had multiple family emergencies Friday night but still took care of her part. THANKS TIFFANY!!!!!

Jacob - Worlds best Wingman!

Fenton - Much needed and always there Tech Support.

Kaybi - Has ever been and always will be my Favorite Daughter!

Mike - Certified Bad A$$

Theron & Callie Rose - Spiritual help

Camille - Who jumped in at the last moment and helped a ton!

Beverly - My most ardent supporter.

Hope to see you next year!


Roger said...

Awesome mate.

Tarsnakes Down Under said...

Congratulations on a very successful event for a most worthy cause.

Cheers Jules

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Ken:

What a great ride... What a great day... And what a great expression of sentiment. Thanks for a job well done, Mr. Utah Chairman.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Unknown said...

Great ride for a good cause and great pictures. You should have been at Miller this Sunday for the WSB races ;-)

Ken said...

Raftnn - Thanks M8! :)

Tarsnakes - Thanks to you also! I agree it is a very worthy cause.

Jack - Hmmm..."Mr Utah Chairman"..has a nice ring don't you think? :) Thanks for reading.

George - MMP put out a request for volunteers and I almost did it, but good thing I didn't as we had some flooding over the weekend and I was needed at home. Maybe next year...

Gypsy said...

As Founder & National Coordinators I thank you Kenneth and the Supporters of UT for being a part of this National Event where we Stand United to Honor & Show our Support for our Veterans & Troops..thanks for doing what you do..and for being part of the Team !!

BeemerGirl said...

Looked like a great day. And where is the video from the track?? :)

How many participants were there in the end? And the weather sure cooperated.