Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tag you're it! (and misc.)

Here is the "misc" part. I went for a ride Sunday into Nevada. Here is the Utah tree near the Utah/Nevada border.

On US 93 south of Wendover someone has started a "Hat Tree".

It must be true love when you say it on the Hat Tree!

Now the "Tag" part. My good buddy Jared has a page on FaceBook called Utah Motorcyclist. We're playing a game of tag there. Another guy posted this tag so I went and got it today.

On my way to get a new tag, I pass a Kaw pasture....

And other scenic places.

I'm reminded I haven't eaten lunch.

The Trappist's bees.

At the Trappist Monestary near Huntsville.

...And the new tag pic posted on FB

This would have made a good tag....

This one too, but I liked the Abbey one better.

Waterfall in Ogden canyon. We're expecting flooding this summer.

On my way home.

Nice ride!


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Ken:

Cool pictures... Nice weather... Smooth riding... And I note that you never seem to get into serious trouble... Nor any trouble, for that matter.

Fondest regards,
Jack• reep
Twiated Roads

Ken said...

Jack, No trouble?!? Are you kidding? Why, just last year I had 5 police cars converge on me, relieve me of my "weapon", read me my rights, and give me a class C misdemeaner (disturbing the peace)!

I'm thinking of writing a song about my experience and calling it......ummm.....something like "Alices Restaurant"...no no that would never work!

bluekat said...

Great photos from the ride! I'm envious because it looks all sunny and warm. I know of several shoe trees, but this hat tree is a first.

Ken said...

bluekat, maybe you know of the shoe tree on hwy 50 near Ely Nevada... Sadly some knucklehead cut that one down last year. That tree was the most heavily laden shoe tree that I've ever seen.

BeemerGirl said...

Beautiful green hills and pastures. Looked like a perfect day for a ride. I haven't seen any shoe or hat trees here. Just the tree of shame on the Dragon...


Ken said...

Lori, I saw the one at the Dragon, but kept my distance...didn't want any bad luck to rub off.. :)

George F said...

I passed the Utah tree last year but didn't see the hat tree even though I did go south on 93 towards Ely after we spent the night in Wendover.
I heard about the shoe tree on hwy 50, I was also on that road but I swear I didn't cut it down ;-)
Great pictures, brings backs good memories, thanks :-)

Ken said...

George - hard to believe that someone would cut down the shoe tree. It was just a fun roadside attraction. Maybe the next time you come this way the hat tree will be just as famous.

Sew DoggyStyle said...

Came across your site when searching for info on that hat tree! I have a photo of it myself and it looks like it's doubled, maybe trippled, from the time of your photo. Very cool!

Erika and Sebastian

Anonymous said...

Happy to say the Hat Tree is still collecting hats. There's a strange bush west of it collecting baby trinkets and a lone Santa. A bunch of us Archaeologists stopped to ponder. I figured it was sacred breeding ground all along. I dint touch nuffin!
K. Raffield

Ken said...

Thanks for the update, I need to ride over there and see the Trinket Tree!