Sunday, December 18, 2011

In the winter you have to take what you can get!

Todays weather report says it will be around 35 degrees at noon....time to stir the oil and fluff up the battery.

I announce my intentions on a MC forum a few days before the ride - what time I'll leave from where, that type of thing. There was some interest... here is a picture of all the bikes at the start of the ride.
And yes, it WAS a gloomy day. All the bikes lined up in front of the Saltair concert venue.
Brrrrrrr! These ducks were laughing at me for riding on such a cold day.....

My ride will take me past the Great Salt Lake to the small town of Stockton. I'd planned on eating at the Stockton Miners Cafe, but when I arrived I saw they were closed (Sunday), no problem I just went down the road five more miles to Penny's Cafe.

Penny's is located on lonely hwy 36 about halfway between the towns of Stockton (pop 616), and Rush Valley (pop 453). Ten miles separate those two towns and Penny's is right in the middle. The little cafe is able to survive by having a very personable staff and serving excellent food. Today I had the chicken fried steak (breakfast version) and it was delicious, hot, and HUGE. I ate more than I should have and still left a bunch on my plate.

Christmas decor outside of Penny's

I couldn't get the bike any closer to the building due to the ice on the parking lot.

The pennies at Penny's Cafe. There are 12,002 pennies on this counter.


I wish I had looked at the name of the young gal that helped me, she is a sweetheart! Thanks Penny's for a great meal.

After eating I get back on the bike for the ride home. The temperature had cooled quite a bit, so it was a straight shot home. Only about 100 miles, the winter you have to take what you can get!


Andreas said...

I feel bad about not going. I so need to do a ride.

Raftnn said...

YOu are a braver man than me!

Ken said...

Andreas - Next time!
Rogey - Don't know about that, but I guarantee I WAS colder than you! LOL

bobskoot said...


I wonder if the other riders in your group were as cold . . . I worry about ice and frost. Glad you made it home safe and sound

Riding the Wet Coast

Ken said...

bob - I hate to admit this, but I was the only person I heard complaining... Ice was a concern on the way home. The road goes through a shady mountain pass at a 60mph limit. I put my foot down to test the pavement....and it slid along instead of grabbing on the road. I didn't relax until I got back into the sun. That's ok though, my bike seat needed another crease in the center to help me know where to sit. Thanks for your comment.

Trobairitz said...

Brrrr. I get chilly just looking at the pictures.

It looks like a good ride and a sounds like a nice lunch too.

BeemerGirl said...

Glad you were able to get out. Sorry it was all alone. Please tell Saltair closed? Looks like the fence is planted in the parking lot. Though the great Internet says there are ticketsnfornsale for 2012.

Love Penny's counters. :)

Ken said...

Trobairitz - I got chilly just taking the pictures too, well and the riding between them. :)

Lori - Saltair is closed for the season. In the summer they have camel rides, a snack bar, etc. Quite the happening place.. Thanks for reading!