Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Leisurely Pace II

We ride the beautiful SR 260 to Pine where we stop at the Randall House for a super lunch, and then a walk through the quiet town.

 The next morning we, Meridith, Ken and Howard  meet John (green shirt) for another breakfast at the Old Town Cafe. We had planned on eating at another place but after Ken and I gushed about how good the Big Kahuna was, and how much we'd like another one, Howard wanted one too. When we got there they only had one made up. But they had some smaller versions, so Howard got the Big Kahnua, Ken and I got the smaller ones.

(Picture by Basecamp)
After breakfast we hop on the bikes and head for the Rally.
 Micro bus.
We ride through Jerome.
 The sky is falling!!!
 But these birds don't seem to be worried...
(Picture by Basecamp) 
The streets of Jerome.

 See the good looking guy in the mirror?

 Stopped at Wendon for lunch, this place has a great chicken fried steak!  If it looks like I'm sliding into second base it's because I set my timer for 2 seconds and had to hurry to get seated...

 We make it to Lake Havasu, and check in at the Rally which is held at the Lake Havasu State Park.
 Riding across the London Bridge....
(Picture by Basecamp) 
Yes it was hot, but the lake was nice...
 The bike lineup at the Suzuki store.
Mike, aka Vegashotwheeler, checks out a 109....nice.
 Not all attendees rode a V-Strom......
After the photo op at the store we leave for a ride to historic Oatman and Route 66 in part III


Tarsnakes Down Under said...

Ken good to see you posting again. That looks like a great start to your riding season- great weather, great scenery and great companions.

Ken said...

Jules - Thanks for stopping by. I'm hoping to get several good rides this summer.
I always enjoy your vintage bike pics! Nice!