Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Leisurely Pace III

On our way to Oatman.
This whole trip I can't get the Route 66 song out of my could be worse, I could be riding on the Highway to Hell, but somehow I know I wouldn't be climbing a Stairway to Heaven...
Picture by Basecamp
 The burros of Oatman.
Picture by Basecamp

 John has a staredown with a burro..
 John, Ken, Meridith, Howard.
 Where we ate lunch. I don't mind waiting over an hour for food as long as it's good food; I won't be eating here again.

 Vette convention of some sort.

 Departing Oatman, going back to the Havasu State Park for the second Rally dinner.
 Vegashotwheeler brews his own booze. This is his "Apple Pie".
Since I'm not old enough to drink, he brought a Non-alcoholic version of  his Apple Pie for me.
  Campfire chat.

 If I hung around either of these women for any length of time I would weigh a TON. They are both excellent chefs!

(Picture by Basecamp)

Sunday I'm on my way home. It was fun seeing old friends and making new ones at the Havasu Rally. About 1800 miles total.


Freebird said...

Nice ride my friend! it makes me think about last summer when my partner and me were ridin' on 66 and arrived to Oatman, and the time stopped...

Un saludo.

Roger Fleming said...

3 good blogs there mate, I dont think you would of lost any weight though...the food sounded and looked great.

BeemerGirl said...

Well I read these things completely out of order. But made for quite a different perspective. ;)

Looks like a good trip. The Big Kahuna looks GGOOOODDD!!!

Good to see you back online!

Erik said...

It's always nice to read about a road trip. I like your short review of the restaurant "I don't mind waiting over an hour for food as long as it's good food; I won't be eating here again." I think that says it all.

Ken said...

Freebird - The Mother Road (RT 66) is a great way to go back in time. I hope to ride it end to end someday.

Roger - I came home 4lbs heavier....but it was well worth it!

Lori - The Big Kahuna looks good whatever order you see it in.... Thanks for stopping in!

Erik - I really prefer saying positive things, but the more I thought about our experience there I felt like I had to say something.
Thanks for reading my blog.