Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Leisurely Pace

The last few months I'd been forced to act like a responsible adult; an unusual, unwelcome, and uncomfortable feeling. Those responibilities at home kept me....well, at home.
But I get them taken care of and finally I'm able to get out on a ride.
The Suzuki Store in Lake Havasu Arizona is hosting a V-Strom Rally at Lake Havasu City. Sounds like it could be fun; time for a ride!
I leave Tuesday April 17th and ride to Kanab, Utah about 311 miles. I got a late start out of the Salt Lake Valley and so had to ride the last hour in darkness on US 89, a forest rat infested road. Scary, but I survived.....which is good because the next morning I woke to this sight.
Back on the road (Alt 89) by 8:00am and into Arizona, destination Flagstaff where I'll meet good friends Ken aka Basecamp, Meridith, and Howard aka Heavy-H. But first some sight seeing is in order. Some rock formations and homes built to take advantage of the formation.

 Next stop is the Navajo Bridge, which spans the Colorado River.
The one on the left is no longer used for vehicle traffic, but is kept at a landmark and to allow visitors to walk across it. The one on the right is what vehicles drive over. Total length of the Navajo bridge is 834 feet, it's height is 467 feet.

 I walked out on the old bridge and took this pic from the middle.
Patiently waiting for lunch...                               
 Arriving in Sedona, I call Ken, we meet at this coffee shop.
We chat for a few minutes, then Ken has responsibilities to take care of so I go on to Sedona to explore.
Entering Sedona.
 I'm at the Chapel of the Holy Cross looking down on one of their neighbor's quaint house.
 This is the Chapel of the Holy Cross. The Chapel was built in 1956, and the design was considered to be 'bold and daring' at that time. It was designed by the firm of Anshen and Allen. It is beautiful both outside and inside.
If you read the four book series, Outcast Season, by Rachel Caine, the story has a short, but funky event that happens at the Chapel.
 Spent that night at Ken and Meridith's, the next morning Ken and I breakfast at the Old Town Cafe. We both get a pastry delight called the Big Kahuna. See pic below....

 Would you trust yourself to be alone with THAT?! It looks good, but tastes even better than it looks.
(Picture by Basecamp)
The main street going through Cottonwood, they have done a great job of restoring the historic part of town.

While following Ken I reach down to the but nut underneath the handlebars and it is VERY LOOSE. This guy is one of Ken's friends, he put a dab of locktite and it and tightened it up for me. Thanks Chris!
The red barn is on Ken and Meridith's place, their lot runs back to the river. It looks peaceful and quiet....and it is!

(Picture by Basecamp) 
Lunch at Pine in Part II


Freebird said...

I love Navajo bridge, it's a great piece of engineering...

Un saludo.

Anonymous said...

Great pics- looks like you all had a great ride. I hope to get out to Utah and AZ on my bike this summer.

KJ said...

Mer and I were thrilled you included us in your travel plans...... ALWAYS fun to see you and we actually found time to just sit and talk.

Ken said...

Freebird - It is a beautiful bridge, I'm glad you got to see that part of our country!

No Name - I hope you enjoy your ride. I spend a lot of time in Southern Utah and love it more each time I go.

KJ aka Basecamp - Thanks for the pictures! You and Meridith take such good photos, you have an amazing talent. I'm looking forward to our next get-together!

The Bug Boys said...

Great pictures and the ride sounded like it was a blast. Loved the picture of the VW bus.

Ken said...

Bug Boys - LOL...I actually had you in mind when I took it! Glad you liked it.

Trobairitz said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing ride.

All of the pics are great. Love the bridge pics. When reading everyone's blog I realize how big this country is and how much of it I've never seen.

That breakfast looks tasty. Were you in a sugar coma after? Naaaa there was healthy fruit mixed in.....

Ken said...

Trobairitz - No sugar coma, but I found out (too late..) that they are highly addictive! I have to go to the pastry detox center next week to try and rid myself of this life consuming's either that or ride to Cottonwood Arizona again and feed the habit. Hmmmmmmmmm...