Friday, July 20, 2012

North b

Day two.
My hotel is near the Water Falls of Idaho Falls. Right across the river is the LDS Temple; there was a nice view on this misty morning.

I meet the other riders at Bruce's house and we are on our way.

We stop in Arco for a snack. Each year the graduating high school class paints their year on this mountain.

 Leaving Arco, Bruce is in front, then Allen, and Reed.

 Had a super lunch in Salmon at Bertram's brewery! I had the mushroom burger, Bruce had the deep fried pickles done is a beer batter dredge. (not really certain what that is, but...)
 Salmon main street.
The other three ride back to Idaho Falls, I get a hotel in Salmon.
I find out later that those guys hit hard rain, and had gasoline issues on the way home.... They should have stayed with me!

Day Three
 Leaving Salmon I was soon in rain, I had forgotten my rain pants, it's a good thing Reed had told me about some good rain pants to be had at Walmart for cheap!

 Going over Lolo Pass I see a hotsprings and decide I need a hike, so I walk the 1 1/2 miles to the spring and  find out there are several pools to soak in. I observe that some are clothing optional, but as you can see my trunks drying on the bike you know what I chose. I shared a pool and nice conversation with a couple of very well endow.....err, I mean pleasant ladies.
 Back on the road - several miles later I'm alone on the two laner with one other vehicle, a pickup who is in front of me about 200 yards. I see the truck slowing and notice what turns out to be a moose leaving the road and up the tree covered hill. The truck drives on, and I proceed slowly in case the moose steps out on the road again.
I'm fifty feet or so from where the moose went up the hill when suddenly a brown something, maybe a brown lab....plops down from where the moose went up the hill,  directly in my lane in front of me.  The brown something starts to move and I realize it is a moose calf.  Apparently, it had tripped on the very steep hill and tumbled down the mountain making a very hard landing on the road. 
Shortly after the calf appeared, momma moose also showed up, jumping on the road looking tense, angry and staring in my direction. Suddenly the two lane road looked extremely narrow! I did what any brave and intrepid moto-explorer would do. . . . . and immediately flipped a U-ey.  As soon as I got the bike turned around I turned in my seat to snap a picture of the scene, but to my surprise saw both of them running toward me.  I think the calf was simply scared and had had his bell rung by the fall and merely ran in the direction that he stood up in.  Momma was in protective mode and running to protect her calf. The only problem is. . . . I was directly in front of them. 
So. . . . I dropped my camera (lanyard attached) shifted into first gear and took off, re-grabbed my camera still trying to capture the event while monitoring the location of momma moose in my mirror.  When I observed momma gaining on me, I clutchless shifted into second gear and accelerated.  All the while trying to snap pictures. 
I got numerous pictures of the road, the sky, and various motorcycle parts, but only the two below with the calf in them.
Finally, the calf headed off the road and up the hill, and the excitment was over.  After getting a safe distance away, I flipped another U-ey and took the picture of momma moose.  She loitered on the road for a few minutes and then followed the calf up the hill.

I cautiously go on my way to Lewiston, Oregon where I will spend the night.

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BeemerGirl said...

Poor moose baby! Though you did have me laughing! I'm glad you survived. And good for you turning around when you did. I don't think I would've...and would've gotten trampled.