Thursday, July 19, 2012

North c

Day four.

I leave Lewiston and go on beautiful US 12 to Oregon,  then I follow the equally beautiful US 395 and 26

Just before the Washinton state line I see this;
Canoe you guess what it is?

 The Washington state line.
 Draw bridge over the Snake river.

 Garfield County building.

 Columbia County Courthouse

 Stopped and got some oranges and cherries here and snacked on them for the next four days.
 My rear needs a break so I pull into tiny Mitchell for a gas stop, but the only station in town is closed for the day. A local tells me Prineville is about 30 miles away, so no problem, I know I have more than enough gas.
As I prep to leave two more moto-travelers pull in the station, a Buel and a Ninja. I tell them the station is closed and in answer to their question, tell them Prineville is about 30 miles away. They discuss between themselves and agree if they take it easy they might just be able to make it.
I turn again to them and intend to say that I have plenty of gas, and would be happy to give them my cell number in case they run out, I would get a gas can and come back to rescue them.
I say 'intend', because as I start talking the leader of the two turned his back and started talking over me to his riding buddy.
Well... ok then.
I resume my ride, but as I pull back onto the main road I see a sign, "Prineville - 47 miles".
Uhh Ohh.

I stay overnight in Redmond at the Hub Motel. The Hub is not a 5 star facility, but then again it was only $30.00 It was clean, the staff was professional, and best of all, cheap! If I tour on US 26 again I will definitely stay in the Hub.


BeemerGirl said...

Canoe abuse!! Hehe. They are eye catching I guess.

Ken said...
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Ken said...

You are right Lori, I should be paddled for that groaner....oar not.