Wednesday, July 18, 2012

North d

Day five

I leave Redmond, but on my way out of town I see this gorgous car, I believe he said it is a 1947 Packard....but I could be wrong. The guy was very nice.

Road 242...what a beaut!

 Like so many people I enjoy seeing covered bridges.

I arrive in Junction, Oregon and call my friends Tea and Nina. 1/2 hour later they arrive at my hotel, and we are on our way to a late lunch. Then we ride to the coast, but first a stop at Alsea Falls.
Tea by the falls.
 Nina by the falls.
 Tea and Nina by the falls.
 Tea, Nina, and me by the falls.
 On our way to the coast.

 We get lost, (and find serendipity) but some nice locals stop and give us directions to the coast.
 The coast.

 We go here and Tea buys an albacore tuna.

 On our way to their house.
 Tea preps and cooks the tuna, along with rice and......some other stuff. Delicious!
 Hey Tea, I yell, someone pooped in your garden! No, he says, that's a slug, there are so many around here they made it  the Oregon state bird. Haha...
 Their yard has tons of rasberrys! I ate a half a ton.
 I ride to my motel after dinner, but first we plan our ride for the next day


BeemerGirl said...

Your falls poses remind me of see spot. See spot run. :) Cute sequence.

The albacore looks wonderful!!

Ken said...

The albacore was way past wonderful, Tea is the master chef!