Tuesday, July 17, 2012

North e

Day six

It's raining in the morning so we delay our ride; I decide it's a good time to wash my clothes. It took forever for them to dry!
 Still raining so we change from a ride to a drive. T and N pick me up and off we go to Corvalis. This poster was in a music store along main street.
 A famous local brewery.

 Pretty soon everything looked like this!
 The County Courthouse in Corvalis.
 Then we go pick some blueberries.

 My haul, I didn't get very many as they would go bad in the heat of my panniers. But they did last a few days and I had most of them eaten before they got too bad. 
 The cloud covered mountain is where we were lost the day before.. 
I was looking for a new throttle boss, so we go to a motorcycle shop where T and N know the staff. They didn't have what I needed, but if a person is restoring an old bike this is the place to call! I was given the tour of both buildings, I can't believe they have so many parts and pieces!

  They even have a disco ball!
 Everything is very well organized, if you want a gasket you go to this drawer.
 If  you want a flasher for your blinker you go to this drawer....

After CyclePsyco we call it a day and decide the time we will meet the next day when I will be starting for home. T and N will escort me to the town, Sisters, where we will eat and then part ways.


T and N said...

Fun times indeed. We're going to visit the CyclePsyco-gang tomorrow. Bringing cookies,as a thank you for correctly diagnosing my electrical issue. It was a short in the headlight!I'll tell them that they are in your blog. :)

BeemerGirl said...

Risqué!! Are you posing for some bobskoot photos? ;)

I love the name Cyclepyscho. And find their drawer labelling quite funny.

Funny, funny on the world after beer samplers pic. :)

Ken said...

Tea and Nina - "Fun times" just doesn't describe our day. I hope you are well and didn't lose to much work running me around!

Lori - I'm thinking I might need some supplemental income, just kind of testing the water here....