Monday, July 16, 2012

North f

Day seven

On our way to Sisters for lunch. Notice anything weird about this tree?
 At the top of Road 242. The holes in the structure each point to a different mountain.

 Me and the Sisters.
 We stop to eat, and after T and N are on their way home, I'm headed for an overnight stay in Boise.
 Gas stop along the way at a place so tiny that this was the soul school in town.
 'Nother gas and eat stop in Vale, Oregon. Then on to Boise. A 500 and something mile day.

Day eight
I leave Boise and ride over the Sawtooth Mountains to Stanley, Idaho where I have lunch.

 Then on to Challis where I turn right and head for Arco.
 Narrow pass.

Overnight in Idaho Falls.

Day nine
Spend the night in Idaho Falls with the fam, then ride home the next day (sort of) taking the bikers shortcut  to Jackson Wyoming.
The Tetons
 Lunch stop in Victor Idaho. The Huckleberry shakes are worth the ride by themselves....
 You know life is good when you have a huckleberry shake for lunch!
 Self portrait of me and Gen.
 US 89 south of Jackson, Wyoming.
 I make a small detour to take this picture. Cokeville had an amazing incident in 1986. 167 children and adults were taken hostage by a deranged man and his wife. When the bomb they had built exploded; miraculously none of the hostages were killed. A book was written about it, "When Angels intervene to save the children" Hartt, Wixom.
And I make it home.
A very scenic ride; Lolo Pass, in Idaho; 395, 12, 26 and 242 across Oregon; 26, 31, and 33 (the Teton Pass Hwy) from Idaho Falls to Victor Idaho to Jackson Wyoming. And finally US 89 down Wyoming and into Utah

Four states, and 2418 miles of picturesque, charming backroads. The worst mileage I got was 50 the best was 60 average was 52 something.
Nearly hit two deer, got chased by a moose, had an incredible Chinese massage, and spent time with my Brother-in-law (and two riding buddies), and two dear friends!


VegasHotWheeler said...

Great ride there!
I'm glad you went North our trip out of Vegas got canceled by me because of questionable riding abilities of some of the riders with the severe weather we had in Vegas.

Ken said...

Mike..I didn't hear that is was 86'd. That makes me feel better about 'missing' it.

BeemerGirl said...

Great write up. Too many great things to comment on in this episode!!

Love the last photo, and your reflection wearing the shirt.

I've never had a huckleberry shake...I guess I'm not exposed enough. ;)

Ken said...

Lori - This town is the only place I've seen them but I'm sure they are all around.
Sometimes I don't feel very exposed either... ;)

BeemerGirl said...

LOL. Maybe we need to be more like bobskoot? ;)