Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Alien adventure Day 1

The second annual Havasu Suzuki V-Strom Rally is April 6th and 7th. I went last year and had a ball, so I pack up to attend again.
Lake Havasu is in Arizona, but I'm in Utah so I gear up for a cold ride.

Huntington Canyon, Utah

Near Ferron Utah I see these interesting objects.
I pull into the yard, I'm concerned that the owner might not want trespassers, so I tread lightly. Then I notice a pickup truck coming my way, with a jeep close behind.
It is the owner, Vaughn Reid and his friend. I ask for permission to photo his creations and he very kindly gives me the go-ahead. He tells me they are going to lunch, and if I'm there when they return he will give me a tour of his place
Regrettably, it is 2:30 pm and I have a room reserved 376 miles away in Las Vegas that is already paid for. If I could have changed that I would have hung around and talked to both of them.
Vaughn is 76 years old, and the creator of these works. I hope to stop in another day and visit with him and hear what I'm certain is an interesting story.

 The first part of the Alien adventure...

 So off I go, my next stop is Koosharem.
I really don't want to be riding after dark so I'm in a hurry, something I had promised myself I would not do during this trip. But....that's life, so I grab a quick lunch here and meet more friendly locals. 
I make it to Vegas about 9:00 pm
520 miles.


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Ken:

I regard 520 miles as a good days work. I haven't ridden that far since I was 22 years old. You always have the best pictures. I must confess I would be reluctant to push off on a huge trip surrounded by snow. Even if there was no snow at my destination.

The sculptures are mighty interesting. Then again I found some performance art that was mighty interesting in Las Vegas as well.

Fondest regards,
Jack – twisted roads

Trobairitz said...

Now that is a long day in the saddle. From snow to sand.

Beautiful pictures. I love all that blue sky. And that Mr. Vaughn is really a creative fellow.

Ken said...

Jack - I didn't see any acts in Vegas other than the sandman and a bunch of jumping sheep.
Thanks for reading!

Trobairitz - It's amazing they we can travel so swiftly as to go from on climate to another in a days time!
I am determined to go to Ferron again and visit with Mr. Vaughn. He seemed like such an interesting (and nice) person.
Thanks for dropping in!

Janet Ndinda said...

I love riding but I have never done what you do. You are quite an enthusiast. 520 miles is incredibly good.

Interesting blog you got here

Ken said...

Janet - Thanks for reading my blog, and your comments!