Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Alien adventure Day 2

I had planned to spend a day riding around Death Valley, so I depart the condo early Thursday morning. When I stop at a gas station to fill up I get talking to an ol boy from Vegas who tells me a good route to ride. I take his advice, and change my plan.
So, instead of riding toward Bad Water, Death Valley, I take the Tecopa Springs road looking for China Ranch.
On the way I see the (under construction) St. Therese Mission. It is a beautiful, peaceful place. I would like to visit again when it is completed.
The Mission is a "Religious and cultural complex, that will be a venue for Catholic Celebrations...and a center of Devotion to St Therese".

One last closer look at St. Therese.
 I leave the Mission and head on to Tecopa, where I'll turn left toward the China Ranch Date Farm.
 The road to China Ranch.

 And...here it is.

 I spend an hour or so, then leave China Ranch.
It was hard to leave...
 Back on the main road I see this Church.
Since I don't remember ever being to Baker California, I thought I'd go there next.
While there, I run into these crazy guys!

From Baker it's a hot, straight freeway slog back to Vegas and a soak in the hot tub. I'll leave Vegas tomorrow for the Havasu Rally.
230 Miles

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