Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Alien adventure Day 3

Friday morning I depart for the Rally. I stop for a cup of coffee at a road side cafe.
 Arizona has an open carry policy, so this fella fits right in.
 Another spot that has long been on my bucket list is Peach Springs, Az.
This is the John Osterman gas station, built in 1923 and fueled a lot of cars during the Mother Road heyday.
 Bonus! I see this Servi Car while in Peach Springs. I have no idea what year it is, I couldn't see the owner anywhere.

 Gas station west of Peach Springs.

 Entering Kingman.
 Beautiful mural in Kingman.

On the road to Oatman.

 We get stopped by road construction and I get to meet this nice couple (hubby out of the pic). They travel extensively on this cute trike, usually with their trailer.
In Oatman. There are burros everywhere! There are so many they have to train the burros to poop only in areas marked by the orange cone.
 The ones that disobey are shot and recycled. (note sign)
 Cool old tractor in Oatman.
 And I arrive at the Rally!
I'm excited to see old friends and make new ones. The Havasu Suzuki store puts on a great rally, good food and good times!
285 miles.

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