Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blast from the past in Southern Utah, part 2

On highway 211 into Canyonlands National Park.
 Kaylee at Wilson's arch.
We have dinner at the Moab Brewery. Very busy, lots of atmosphere, interesting ceiling decor, and good food! I get the Shroom burger...very nice!
I'm amazed at how many cars there were there for the event. Everything from Vipers to Volkswagon beatles. Numerous Corvettes, and Cameros. Tons of trucks. Millions of Mopars, Jillions of Jeeps....ok, slight exaggeration there...

The cars are displayed at the city park during the day. We arrived to late to see the cars in the park, however, lucky for us most of the cars join an after dark parade up and down main street where crowds gathered to watch the spectacle.

The streets were lined with enthusiasts. The crowd was loud but friendly. It was very entertaining to watch the people on the street interacting with the people in the cars. Occasionally one of the cars would "light em up" much to everyone's delight. The Leo's presence was heavy, but they seemed reasonably tolerant and part of the party.
 And one of my all time favorites, the 70 Chevelle SS. Sweet!!
 I'm pretty certain this is a Henry J.
Build jobs.
 After oogling at cars we go to Frankie D's to watch this band. Sadly I didn't get their name, but I'm told they will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
The band was good, the bar was lively, and I wallflowered the night away..
440 miles today - also the size of a mighty mopar musclebound mill.

It's Sunday, and I want to be home by mid afternoon, so I'm up and on the bike by 8:30

Because I didn't get very good pictures of the cars last night I keep my camera ready so I can get some on the way out of town.
There was something there for everyone.

 On the way home I stop into the Diamond Fork hot springs for a relaxing soak
283 miles today (another great engine size from days of yore).
Just under 700 miles for the trip. Lots of fun, met two new Biker Buds, and had a super time!
The Moab car show is going to be an annual event for me. Next year we'll get a hotel closer to the action and take parade chairs.
Good times!


RichardM said...

In Moab, eh? I haven't been there in 35 years (before there were jillions of Jeeps. Nice pictures of the cars...

bob skoot said...


I really liked Moab and I want to go back . . . and rent a PINK Jeep and ride down into CanyonLands

Riding the Wet Coast

Ken said...

Richard - You would not recognize the place. Like everywhere, much has changed in the last 3 decades. Thanks for dropping in!

Bob - Bring your pink crocs! Thanks for reading!

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