Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fifty - Day 2

Next morning I'm on on the road out of Cooke City, Montana at around 7:15 
Just as I'm leaving town these two deer run in front of me. A few hundred yard later I see this moma and calf moose. This promises to be a good day!

The Bear's Tooth.
 Looking down at part of the Bear Tooth Pass road.
 At the rest stop I see this beauty.
A classic in it's day and still performing admirably.
And on I go... near Billings, Montana.
 A little farther on I stop to review my Bible stories. Someone has put a lot of work into their passion.

And then...........

....here it is, my 50th state!
 The first town I come to in ND - Marmarth.

Mission accomplished, next stop for the night - Miles, Montana. 

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Trobairitz said...

How perfect you found a mile 50 sign to go with the 50 state.