Monday, October 21, 2013

Arizona Route 66 - part 2

 Day 2 Route:
A = Williams, Arizona
B = Seligman, Arizona
C = Grand Canyon Caverns
D = Hackberry, Arizona
E = Kingman, Arizona

A motorcycle forum common to the three of us is My2Wheels. Phil 'tags' Seligman.
I don't think I could eat here...

Maybe the most plentiful thing along Route 66 is old cars.

 We stop at the Grand Canyon Caverns, but don't take the tour, instead we just oogle some more old cars.
 And of course, Betty.

Next stop, the famous Hackberry General store.

The store owners daily driver; '57 Corvette.
More Hackberry sights.

Once again on the road we arrive at Kingman, Arizona where we have lunch and then keep moving.

The equally famous "Tombstone Trail"!
 More pictures in part 3

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