Sunday, October 20, 2013

Arizona Route 66 - part 3

Day 3 Route:
A = Near Kingman, Arizona
B = Oatman, Arizona
C = Needles, California
D = St George, Utah
This is 66 just before you enter Oatman, Arizona.
Lots of burros in Oatman.
 "That dumb ass walked right in front of me!"

Back on the road we make it to Needles, California.
 "Meh... Sew what?"

We make it to Lake Havasu and to Phil's house.
My bike has a couple issues; the velcro on my windshield protector gets weak enough that it falls off, and the second problem is I apparently have some debris in my fork seal as it is leaking a little bit.

Phil has some industrial strength velcro that solves problem one, and a very neat little tool that cleans out my fork seal and solves problem two.

Adrian uses the fork seal cleaner.
 The view from Phil's house, Lake Havasu in the distance.
Phil's awesome garage.
 Gen and I have been together for 80 thousand miles. Awwwwww....

Our 66 tour is done and the next morning Adrian and I must start for home, Phil will ride halfway with us. We stop in Henderson for breakfast at the Coffee Cup. The chicken fried stead was super. After Henderson we jump on I-15 to quickly burn up some miles.
We spend the night in St. George, the next morning Phil leaves early to ride south and home, 
From St. George Adrian and I ride SR 9 to  Zion National Park.
Some pictures of Zion.

 Out of Zion, north bound on US 89 we come to Mt Carmel. 
This is where my grandfather went to church and school as a child.
 We play leap frog with two trucks hauling these rocks. They must have had a large fork lift to get them on the truck. I don't know how they will get the rocks off, but I DO know I've been away from home 4 nights and I'm anxious to sleep in my own bed tonight!

And that's it. 1542 miles, 3 chicken fried steak meals, and 4 & 1/2 days of blissful riding!
Thanks to Adrian and Phil for a GOOD ride!


VegasHotWheeler said...

Great Report again!
And Jealous I wasn't involved!

Erik said...

Thanks for the trip report. I had to check it out twice, once to read it, once again just to see the pictures!

I'm going to have to add route 66 to my list of roads to ride/places to see.

Great job!

bob skoot said...


I like Oatman. We bought carrots in Laughlin and brought them with us. The problem is once they see you with the carrots they follow you around and even came into the store. I would like to ride Route 66 on my bike, one day.

I've never had a chicken steak. I am not sure we have them up here. Maybe next time

Riding the Wet Coast

Ken said...

Mike - You can be involved on the next one!

Erik - Thanks for reading and checking out the pictures. Don't wait to long to ride Rt 66, it is deteriorating more and more each year.

Bob - No Chicken Fried Steaks??? Oh my heck, I would die with out my favorite meal! Rt 66 is a blast on a bike, you'll have to do it again. :)