Thursday, February 13, 2014

The all women fire department

Snow, snow, snow.
It's time to get out of the snow so I reserve a room in St George for a long weekend and ride south.
Just north of St George is the tiny town of Kanarraville, Utah. Kanarraville's claim to fame is their all women fire department in the 1960s.
 The next day I ride into Nevada and to the Valley of Fire State Park, about 30 miles north of Las Vegas.
I see this interesting bike at the end of the Mouse Tank road in the park. I never did see the owners, they must have been a  hike.
 And the rest of the pictures are in the Valley of Fire SP.


It was a nice trip, 945 miles, rode in some rain, sleet, and a little bit of snow. It's all good!


Richard M said...

That's quite the setup on that bike. Does that qualify as a roof so no helmet is required?

Andrew Thomson said...

Looks like you've run into these guys:

Purpose built/customized Guzzi. They've been touring for a while...

Ken said...

Richard - I should have taken a better pic to show all the things he (or she) had set up. But they did have two helmets in a secure bag locked on the other side of the bike.

Andrew - I'm think the bike started out as a Goldwing. Whatever it is it has obviously seen a lot of road!

Thanks for reading!

Trobairitz said...

That covered bike contraption sure looks heavy and awkward.

Glad you were able to dodge the snow and find some dry twisty roads.