Thursday, June 11, 2015

35. (No Moto Content)

I walked in the house last night, my son and his wife were visiting...I asked my DIL if she knew where Beverly was at?
"She is down stairs wrapping your presents" Callie answered. Hmmmm...'my presents', I thought,'s not my birthday for another month, Callie must be mistaken.
I was preoccupied with a maintenance problem so I just said, "ok" and kept walking to the bedroom....but a little alarm went off in my head like; 'beep beep, hey Ken you should pay attention to how Callie put the emphasis on 'your presents'" it said...but like a honda transmission the thought smoothly snicked in and out of my brain and I continued thinking about the maintenance problem.
Then this morning I was in the den googling for answers to 'the problem' when Beverly walked in with two wrapped presents in her hands, "happy anniversary!" she said.
Anniversary? I thought, has it really been a year since we bought the yamaha??
She saw my confusion and said, "Remember, 35 years ago today we got married?" 
"Oh yeaaaaaa" I said - a somewhat dim light replacing the alarm in my head..
"But I didn't get you anything" (it was her turn to be surprised, but she hid it well). "That's ok" she said, "I have you and that's enough."
'Sweet', I thought, 'who said marriage is hard?'
[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ Happy Anniversary Beverly!!!!]]]]]]]]


Richard M said...

Congratulations to both of you!

Trobairitz said...

Congrats on 35 years!

And I agree, when it is right marriage isn't hard at all. 19 years for hubby and I this August.

Ken said...