Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ride to eat, eat to ride. Part 1

Part 1
Kathy Stephenson with the Salt Lake Tribune wrote the following article about eating establishments and which ones she felt were the best in each of Utah's 29 counties.

Utah’s favorite road-food eats, county by county

Strom-rider "Satch" posted the article on the Stromtrooper forum and suggested rides and meals at each of the locations. I stole that idea and proposed to Beverly that she and I do the same...... so...... here they are the 'best' road-food eateries in Utah.

Following is my ride (and eating) report of the 29 eateries (1 through 15 in part 1) in alphabetical order;

Beaver county
Beaver, Utah
Timberline Inn
Great food and service! I had the BLT and soup.

Box Elder county
Perry, Utah
Maddox Ranch House
(We avoided the long lines at the Ranch house opting instead to go to the connected drive in)
I took my high school sweetheart here over 40 years ago, it was popular then and still is today. Apparently LDS Presidents have eaten here as have US Senators and numerous other dignitaries.
The bacon burger was good, the fries were very good.

Cache county
Logan, Utah
The article mentions that Angies is known for serving large portions....I didn't notice that my meal was larger here than I have had other places, but it was very tasty!
I had the special of the day; steak and eggs.....very very good!
Our server was excellent!

Carbon county
Helper, Utah
Easily the highlight of this fun project! My mushroom swiss burger was awesome, and staff, Teresa, and Jaymee were a lot of fun. Additionally the route there (Spanish Fork Canyon to Helper) is a good ride, 240 miles round trip from my house.
Win win!

Teresa, Yours truly, Jaymee.

Daggett county
Dutch John, Utah
Red Canyon Lodge

My chicken fried steak was superb, Beverly's salad was a yawner.

We made this one an overnighter staying in one of their cabins, this was our view in the morning.

Davis county
Bountiful, Utah
The Mandarin
Another excellent place to eat. They have a gluten free menu that Beverly ordered from, and I had a walnut shrimp concoction that was heavenly!

Duchesne county
Duchesne, Utah
Cowans Cafe
Cute small town, and very good homestyle cooking!

Steak and eggs.....oh my!

Emery county
Green River, Utah
Ray's Tavern
I've eaten at Ray's several times and never had a bad meal or experience. Always friendly, always tasty.

A mile or two from Ray's Tavern is the Golden ratio sculpture.

Garfield county
Escalante, Utah
This was a stop on this year's annual couples ride, it was a good meal and good times!
(Yours truly, Brent, Kenny, Rooster)

Grand county
Moab, Utah
Moab Brewery
Technically we didn't eat here. Beverly had a cream soda which she claims was the best she's ever had. I enjoyed a very good root-beer; however I did eat here several years ago while attending a Kawasaki Nomad gathering, and it was excellent then. Also there is a lot of interesting memorabilia to see hanging on the walls and ceiling.

Iron county
Cedar City, Utah
Centro Woodfired Pizzeria
I had a mushroom pizza. I had to be quick as daylight was fading and I still had some riding to do to get to my hotel. I would like to have spent more time at this fun place to eat.

Juab county
Nephi, Utah
Reed's Drive-in
Was a decent lunch, but prices were not in line with the quality.
My bacon burger was only average, Beverly's salad was "Yummy",  the sweet potato fries and deep fried green beans were good.

Kane county
Mt Carmel, Utah
The Thunderbird Restaurant
I've eaten here many times with family and friends. The service and food are always good. If you go in the summer months, and sit by a window you can see the Mt Carmel junction (SR 9 and US 89) and watch an endless parade of classic cars and motorcycles going through that intersection, which makes for worthwhile entertainment!

Millard county
Fillmore, Utah
Cluff's Car Hop Cafe
They don't have car hops, but they will bring your meal to your table inside or outside. Friendly hard working staff, terrific ambiance, and the food was pretty darn good.
(My son Will and I)

Fillmore was the first Capital City in Utah, from 1851 - 1856 and was named after our 13 U.S. President, Millard Fillmore.
This is the original State Capital building.

While Will and I were enjoying our Santa Fe burgers this beauty pulled in.

Morgan county
Morgan, Utah
Taggart's Grill
This pic was taken during one of my Father and Daughter rides.
Taggarts serves a fantastic meal. While eating you can watch peacocks wandering around the garden. Sitting at an outside table in the warmer months is a treat in and of itself.

More good food in part 2


Trobairitz said...

Great post and so much good food.

We used to do a lot of "riding to eat" but after going vegan 4 years ago it makes it much more difficult.

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