Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year Death Valley ride 2016 - day 3, 4

Day 3
I'm on my way to Salvation Mountain.
I stop at an old (mustang?) round up station.

I exit the Mojave National Preserve and turn onto Route 66

There is only a narrow two lane road, no house or building for miles and miles and I see this lion guarding....the great nothing... anyway surely the proud lion is a sign of good luck! 
There is a geo-cache on the pedestal, I sign in and leave my blog address. There wasn't a trinket in the bag, which was a good thing because I didn't have one to leave.

I'm getting close to Niland, the Salton sea is on my right, I'm 218 ft below sea level, its 61 degrees, and I'm having a devilish good time!

Salvation Mt.

Day 4
I stay overnight in Brawley, California,  then go northbound the next day.

I pass the world famous international banana museum. I didn't go in the museum, instead I peeled out and went on my way.

North of Mecca, I'm riding on Box Canyon road which has some incredible out of this world scenery when I see a dirt road; and think "cool photo op!"
But, I get stuck.

I sweat.

I swear.

I finally get unstuck.

I take the rest of my pics from the paved road...

Back into the Joshua Tree National Park...raining and foggy through the park and for most of the remaining 200 miles to Vegas.

Kelso Train Depot.

And back to 'sunny and warm' Vegas (its actually cold and wet).
I struggle getting Beaky back onto the trailer because the wooden ramp is so sodden wet it is very slick. I have to find a place where the trailer can be low enough that the ramp is not so steep. I find a good gutter to park the trailer tires in and go right problem!
In the morning I leave for home, stopping in Mesquite for breakfast with a long time friend - time well spent!

A good ride, 1060 miles on the bike. 


RichardM said...

Interesting order that your posts came out in. i.e. part 1 after part 2.

Very familiar areas. I used to spend a lot of time in the lower desert (Salton Sea, Joshua Tree, etc.) as well as work time in Death Valley and western Nevada (Tonopah, Goldfield). Very pretty areas at this time of year. Too bad you got caught in the rain near Las Vegas. Was that their one rain of the year?

Ken said...

Richard - I completed and blogged both posts after I got home, then I dated them to be in that order.
To bad you weren't with me, I would have enjoyed hearing what you have to say about the Salton Sea area.
The rain lasted for most of 200 miles, the fog only lasted about 75 - 100 miles...but at least the temps were not to bad. Vegas was soaked when I got back there, the wood on my trailer was water logged...which tells me I need to treat it soon! lol

Trobairitz said...

I had to chuckle at this post, so much good stuff.

A lion guarding nothing, stuck in the sand, and peeling out away from the banana museum.

Glad you had warm 60˚ weather.

Ken said...

Trobairitz - The lion was pretty neat, getting stuck...not so much, but it makes the story a little more interesting I suppose.. Thanks for reading! :)