Sunday, February 28, 2016

Southern Utah weekend.

Spring is just around the corner, I'm getting antsy for a ride - So I head south for the weekend, I'll be staying in Monticello, Utah.

On my way....
Green River.

Wilson Arch.

I'm bringing two groups of friends down here next summer so I need to check out a couple roads. One of them is on the way to Naturita, Colorado. That will be my first ride...but...I get "lost" in Utah near the Colorado border and run into this decaying old settlement of dugouts.

I could almost stand straight up in here.

Then sadly, I get unlost and I'm back on my way to Naturita.
I check out the route I needed to see and I head back toward Utah - But first a stop in Paradox.

The next route I wanted to preview is the La Sal Loop - the Loop is about 35 miles and goes from SR 128 to US 191 south of Moab.
The Loop is a beautiful road!!

 It gets a little goaty in places...but....
 The scenery is worth it!

Sunday morning I'm on my way home, I had planned to ride straight through, but at the last second I take a left into Canyonland National Park.

The Entrance to Canyonland National Park

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I did! The scenery in Canyonland NP is incredible!

 I spend two hours in Canyonland NP and was glad I did!

1046 miles of  awesome riding...and as a bonus, it was alllllllllmost warm.
I had a great weekend!
Over the course of two rides - these are most of the roads I checked out.
ps... no weather issues on this ride!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!


RichardM said...

What fantastic photos. They bring back a lot of good memories. Thank you!

Ken said...

Richard - Did you ride the White Rim Trail? It was closed when I went by....but it looked very interesting!

Trobairitz said...

That blue sky and sunshine look so nice.

Canyonlands looks beautiful and otherworldly and the old dugouts a great place to wander.

Thanks for sharing.

Ken said...

Trobairitz - The sunshine was VERY nice...I'm soooo looking forward to Spring and Summer! Thanks for reading!

SonjaM said...

Great pics. Thanks for the memories. I was awestruck every time I visited the area, and I hope to return one fine day.