Thursday, May 5, 2016

5 National Parks tour, aka Scenic overload! (day 3,4)

We leave The Stone Lizard and hit the road via the beautiful SR 95

"Comfort" break at Hite marina.

Back on SR 95
The bridge over the Colorado River.

Gas station/convenience store built into a mountain.
It's unlikely I'll ever get to Petra, Jordan so this will have to do...

NP # 3
Then over Boulder Mountain, up to 9600 feet....brrrrrrrrrrr....

We stop at the Burr Trail Grill for a delicious lunch.
Then on the road again... we take Bel, our Yamaha touring bike on the Hell's Backbone road. A 44 mile scenic dirt road...

I want to show Bev the Hell's Backbone Bridge... and here it is.
(they don't want vehicles sliding off the road for a several hundred feet drop, so the bridge portion is paved)

After the third muddy bog we decided to turn around and go back to pavement.
The bridge again..

.........and after only 30 miles of the Devils Backbone, we're back on SR 12

We stay overnight in Escalante then hit the road the next morning for Bryce Canyon.

NP #4

On our way again, SR 12

NP #5

We go back to US 89 and north to Junction where we stay the night in a........... ahem.... quaint..........motel. I won't name it but we won't be staying there again! (there aren't that many motels in Junction....ymmv.)

On our way home, we stop for a super breakfast in Elsinore at this little hole in the wall.  Worth the stop!

And home again....1181 miles of  incredible scenic roads...hard to beat that!
A great ride.


Trobairitz said...

What a great trip. You two managed to pack in so much so see along the way.

Great job venturing the backbone one the touring bike too.

Ken said...

LOL...on this occasion 'venturing on a touring bike' meant pushing a 850 pound behemoth through mud bogs! Sadly my pillion got tired of pushing on just the third bog. (haha...)