Monday, November 28, 2016

Post Turkey day ride

My own little Thanksgiving tradition is to leave the day after Turkey day and do either a weekend hike or ride. This year its a ride.
I leave Friday afternoon and head for Hurricane, Utah where I have reservations for two days, then I'll ride home on Sunday.

First on my ride list is Toquerville Falls, about 10 miles from my room.

This sign in NOT lying!! The road is a baddie.
I was about half way up the 5.3 mile dirt road, and had just gone through one of the worst spots, when I parked the bike and walked around a corner to scout out how much worse it would get. A couple 4wds got to the spot I had just passed through and turned around and went back down. 

As I walked up the road another (braver) 4wd came up behind me and offered to let me ride the rest the way with them.
I took them up on their offer and had a nice time with a pleasant family.

The Falls... which is appropriate because while hiking around I stumbled and got a nasty twisted ankle. Dang! 

On the way back down.

Leaving the falls I rode to a ghost town, Old Iron Town.

Then to Enterprise, Utah and stopped to photograph this creative guy's yard.

On my way back to Hurricane I stumble across a Troll's house... He promised to let me live if I wouldn't reveal the location of his house.

I get back to my room after 170 miles. I hadn't taken off my boot after the incident but when I pulled it off in my room I could see that the ankle was swelling quite a bit.
The next morning, it was extremely painful to pull on my boot, I'm able to ride about 23 miles and then the pain got the best of me.

I had two choices, get a room for another day or call home.

I went into a gas station and commandeered a chair, then called my wife to see if she was interested in rescuing me; luckily she was - so her and my daughter came and got me. Once I had called them I didn't move from that chair until they arrived, 7 hours later. It was TOO painful to even think about getting up.

Unfortunately there was a bad accident that shut down the freeway on our way home and we sat for a loooong time, not getting home til after midnight... Dang again!!! 

Still, all in all it was a nice get-away and a nice ride home with two of my favorite women.


Trobairitz said...

Yikes. And they say motorcycles are dangerous. And here it was hiking that took you down.

Hope your ankle is feeling better. Good thing your family came to rescue you.

RichardM said...

I like the photos, especially the jeep pickup with the tracks.

Hope you are recovering and only a sprain instead of a break. Did they rescue you with a trailer?

Unknown said...
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Ken said...

Tro - my wife told me, 'you need to ride more and hike less'.... haha. Good advice don't you think?

Richard - I didn't get an x-ray, but it is healing nicely. Yes, they brought a trailer and more importantly, pain pills!

Lance - Thanks! My family is very patient with me, it seems like I need to get rescued once a year or so...luckily not because of twisted ankles, but usually due to snowy roads. :)

Thanks for reading!

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Unknown said...

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Krod said...

Love all of your ride reports.(probably going to follow your "Cal group" maps exactly.) Looking for a new one to get me even more ready to get out and go.

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