Sunday, July 8, 2018

Yellowstone NP

Don, aka nvr2old and I are set to meet in Gardiner, Montana to scout out potential locations for next years Cache Rally.
We agree to meet on Saturday and have reservations in place.....but Friday morning I'm up and out the door. Not until I try to check in at the Yellowstone RV park (after a 475 mile ride) do I realize I'm a day early!
No big deal, I had a great ride and Don will show up tomorrow.
Also, the RV park had a cancellation so I had a place to pitch my tent....right next to the Yellowstone river...very nice!

Saturday, before Don arrives I take a leisurely ride through the park, and find this back road.... 
 Another view of the same road.

I think this cliff is near Roosevelt Canyon..

Pretty church in Mammoth.

The obligatory animal pix...

When Don arrives we ride to Mammoth hot springs...which are much less spectacular than they were a few years ago...maybe they'll come around again in a while.

Then we grab a Subway for dinner, and after walk outside and look across the Yellowstone river at Gardiner.

And looking the other way.

I over did it a little with three pictures of Roosevelt arch in this post, but this one makes me think of a distant portal that leads into another the bugs on my windscreen really make this picture work!
I'm hanging back a ways to see what happens to Don when he goes through the portal....

The Roosevelt Arch was built in 1903, it took about 7 months and 10 Grand to build this triumphal Arch. President Theodore Roosevelt laid the cornerstone to start the construction. 

See you next time...

Don on the left, me on right.

1100 miles of pretty darn good riding!

(I'm still undecided as to where the rally will 
be... maybe another trip is in order..)

Stir the oil Baby!


Trobairitz said...

I like the idea of another scouting trip. Then we can live vicariously through your photos. :-)

Ken said...

Trobairitz - Well, no more scouting for this year. The Yellowstone RV park is the site for next years rally. C'mon over and join us for a ride through the park next year. :)

Unknown said...

Are any of these photos available for purchase? -