Monday, January 14, 2019

Baja II

Another beautiful sunset in Baja.

Where we stayed for 3 days.
The meals at Don Eddies are awesome!

A storm arrived, so we stayed at Don Eddies an extra day while the weather calmed down. Then went out to see a few sites, and lunch.

The roads were muddy and SLICK!

 The next day we ride to Guerrero Negro, and on the way there we see some ancient rock art.

And we stay at the Terra Sal.
The next day we find a whale watching tour to go on.
The access to the bay is through a salt mine. This is a barge full of salt.
Lots of wildlife to see besides whales.
 The whales were a little shy, we saw plenty, but none elected to come over close enough to the boat that we could touch them.

5 Canadians take the rooms next to oure.
Good conversation and good food with some great guys!
And an excellent dessert.

Life is good in Baja. Tomorrow we'll ride to Mulege.


RichardM said...

Hopefully you’re done with the muddy and slick. It sounds like a great trip and makes me want to visit again...

Ken said...

Richard - A hack would have been very useful om that very very slick mud!