Thursday, October 14, 2010

Butterfield Canyon - Ophir

The Nomad seems to have problems breathing. I've opened the exhaust a little, the next thing is to open up the intake a bit. Here is a picture of the stock throttle body cover. The TBs are just inside that silver circle in the center of the pic.

I buy a K&N filter, a pipe, and with Casey White's welding expertise I am able to come up with this.
Painted and installed on the bike.
I have a "Poor Man's Dyno" that I use to test any mods I do. It's on a nearby road, when I go past a certain point at 60mph in 4th gear I whack the throttle open, at another certain point I observe my speed, thus my "Dyno". The intake mod adds 5mph to my speed on the PMD! I'm happy! But...the bike sits while; .....After some non-warranty work on my bod (surgery) I've been homebound for a week, cabin fever is rampant....time to go for a ride!

I'm deciding where to go as I back the bike out of the garage, and end up at Butterfield Canyon. The gate is open and up I go! Butterfield is a beautiful canyon that relatively few people visit so I'm alone most of the time.
However, I run into some real turkeys along the way.

The colors are great!

They pave a little more of the road each year...well maybe not, the pavement reaches the top now, but I'm not certain if they will continue down into Middle Canyon which goes into Tooele.
The road turns goaty a mile or two from the top.

I reach the top, sort of, I can go right and continue to a Kennecott Mine overlook but it is a gravel road. I've been up there before on the Strom and it is not a road for a cruiser. Plus, there always seems to be a large amount of shiny new grabber screws spread around on the lower part of the road. Eco-terrorism I suppose. At any rate I turn around and go back down Butterfield.
You can see the road across the canyon here.
Pretty narrow here, I do end up passing three cars while going down (read - on the drop off side!).

Don't go that way!
Egad! Steep down hill, slickery road due to gravel and dirt... no prob for an Adventure Tourer machine, but a little sketchy on an 800 lbs cruiser.

Call me Arty! :)

More downhill fun.

The colors are amazing!

Exit the canyon and go through Herriman, right onto Bangerter hwy, right at the crossroads intersection (Lehi and Redwood) and go towards Cedar Fort, 5 mile pass, and make another right onto SR 73. I take yet another right on the Ophir road skidding in the gravel because I made my decision to turn almost as I pass the road.
Ophir has really changed since the last time I visited. Someone has spruced up the place, it is very nice!
It's obvious that whoever did the Ophir restoration has a lot of energy, vision, and sense of humor! Historical restrooms.
Ore wagons like this one would be pulled in trains of four, each wagon carried 15 tons of ore. A steam engine pulled the amazing load of 60 tons at 4 mph to Lake Point where the ore was loaded on a sea going type barge for a trip across the lake to Corrine Utah. At that time Corinne was the closest Railroad train station.

Wringer washer at the back of one of the homes.
Mine depiction. Note the figurines in the wall.
Historic school with a time traveling Nomad in the shade. :)

The next day I take Beverly out to Ophir to show her the neat things there. On the way back we stop in Stockton for lunch.
Even though I'm riding the bike I get a cold one.

A local political race reminds me about the upcoming election. I'm thinking this man was born to be the sheriff...

Two super rides in two days. Life IS good!


rideonXX said...

Once again---thanks for sharing one of your adventures in Utah.

Having lived in Utah for several years, viewing your pictures brought a vivid memory of the beauty up there. Nice.

The air intake mod is sweeet as well.

Happy trails, kel

Ken said...

Thanks Kel!