Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ride to eat lunch, eat lunch to ride.

Looking out on the deck Thursday Oct 28.

I get a text from Jared..."Friday weather is supposed to be good......"

Sounds good to me. time for a ride! At Fish Haven, in Idaho there is a little place that makes a delicious sandwich. That will be our destination. We head north, leaving my house at 9:20 or so Friday morning.
Our route will be north to Ogden canyon, over the Mountain Green road, stop in to see the Monks at the Trappist Monestary, north on Monte Cristo scenic highway, left at Woodruff, Utah, through Randolph, past Bear Lake, to Fish Haven, Idaho.
A stop at a RR bridge for some pixs.

Jared's baby...but he has an even better looking baby at home and another one on the way!

The weather is pretty good, but just a bit nippy. Jared hasn't seen much of this area and I had a hankering for some of the Monks delicious jam.
The monastary is on a typical country road, not much traffic, but when we stopped to take this pic I saw a lady approaching in a mini van and that we would be blocking her. I started to hurry so as not to delay her any longer than necessary, but she rolled down her window and implored us to "take your time"... Then as I was snapping the picture, I could hear her (on her cell phone) explaining what was happening; 'I'm waiting for two guys on motorcycles to take a picture of their gorgeous bikes with the beautiful mountains and fall colors in the background'...etc Except her verbal explanation of the picture was so descriptive and eloquent I knew my feeble camera skills would not be able to match her portrayel of the scene. And I was right, but this is all I have.. :)
When we finally got out of her way, she wished us a safe ride and a good day. You meet the nicest a mini van, it might have been a Honda...

Jam purchased, a dime tour to the chapel given, and we're off again. We run into these fellows and a bunch of their friends a few miles later. Mid term elections are in a few days, I hope they aren't heading to the voting booth.

Jared enjoying the Monte Cristo curves.

Photo ops abound.

Smiley face :)

Going down a hill toward Bear Lake.

It's a steep road and can be treacherous for big trucks.

This is a 20 mph (posted speed limit) corner at the bottom of the hill. The last time I was here I was coming the other direction and a Suzuki C 90 coming down the hill, crashed on this corner right in front of me. The guy wasn't hurt, 'cept his pride, the bike was a little beat up, it can be a tricky corner. You can see the truck run-a-way lane going up the hill.

Entering Idaho.

And we make it! I get a turkey avacodo concoction....wonderful!
We've spent more time getting here than we planned so we need to take a faster route home. Logan Canyon, past Brigham City, and onto the super slab should get us home in time.

Still in Logan Canyon.

Logan. The motor cops are out, I have twenty layers of clothes on, and they are in short sleeves.
Mountain shot from the freeway; there was LOTS of traffic, We had to watch the road.
A pic taken off the Legacy Highway, and I'm almost home. Sure glad Jared suggested we get out for a ride. The company, roads, and sandwich were all super!

Life is good.


BeemerGirl said...

Oh! Cold. Beautiful. Crisp. Snow! Avocado! Canyon Walls. Short sleeves?? Beautiful! Thanks! -Lori

Unknown said...

Great Pictures once again.
I love reading your posts and hearing your stories.

Roger said...

Holy Crap that looks cold!! You are a braver man than me.Nice pics by the way.

Ken said...

@Lori, thanks! :) and I agree....
@Beverly, actually I had an empty seat......
@Roger, it looks colder than it was. The only time I was even mildly uncomfortable was at the higher elevations..we got up to 9,000 ft a couple of times.

Bluekat said...

Great scenery with the snow! I'd be afraid to venture out lest the snow makes it onto the road.

Short sleeves - brrrr! :)

Ken said...

Kat, This early in the season the sun is still keeping the roads pretty warm. But if the road goes through a shady spot and looks shiny the seat on my bike with get a healthy squeeze! LOL

JMGant said...

The weather is looking good all next week...........:)