Saturday, March 19, 2011

Devil's Highway Day 1

Nomad buddy, Jared, has bought a new to him nomad and has to fly to El Paso, Tx to pick it up and ride home. He invites me to meet him as he rides home and ride together a bit. Sounds like a plan, time for a ride!

Looking at routes I see I can check two places off my bucket list; Winslow Az (becuase of the Eagles song, Take it Easy), and the Devil's highway (route 191) in Az

I was going to take my nomad, but the morning as I go out to leave I find a glitch. A new farkle I had recently installed on the nomad needs some adjustments....I have to choose, work on the nomad, and leave in a while, or move my gear to the strom and leave now. Leaving now sounds good to me so I unload the kaw and load up the strom. I'm on my way in minutes.

A theme that will keep repeating itself the first two days of this ride is; "that's a road that I've always wanted to ride..."

As I pass Helper, Ut, I notice a road that I've always wondered what was down it, and I find this. I'm glad I followed it.

Back on the main road, I enter Price and have to re-route around the St. Patricks day parade. I stop and watch part of the parade. These young parents were part of the parade, you just have to love small town celebrations!

Back on SR 6 I see another road I've always wanted to ride....what the heck, I have time. Well, I did have time, but I got sidetracked on yet another road a few miles up the canyon, so Nine Mile Canyon will have to wait till another day.
The day before I left for this ride Strom buddy, Tom, tells me about a road in this area that I didn't even know existed....what the heck I have time...

So I've seen two new towns today, already this is a great ride. Next stop is Green River, Ut. I need to get a pic of the Strom in front of the Golden Ratio.

And what's a trip to Green River without a watermelon?
Leaving Green River my only option is I-70 so off I go heading for Moab. But I stay on 70 past Moab (Exit 204) so I can ride SR 128, a very scenic road that follows the Colorado River back to Moab.

It's getting late....

Day one miles - 320


Richard said...

Wow, you really do a great Blog AND music too. Thanks for your kind comments. It's easy for you of course you have such phenomenal scenery around you. I have to do Bryce and Zion.

Tarsnakes Down Under said...

Looks like a great road trip Ken. I loved the desert country when we were in the US last year and hope to see some more of it in the future.

What kind of day time temps were you riding in?

Great pics as usual!

Cheers Jules.

Raftnn said...

NOthing like riding roads you have all alwats wanted to ride, I agree with Jules to great pics as usual.

Jack Riepe said...

Now you've got me... I am mesmerized by the pictures. My professional life is in flux, and I plan to ride out west in 2012. Do I understand the rock formations (buttes?) are on SR 128? I have to see this myself.

This pictures are going to haunt me..

Fondest regards,
Jack ®iepe
Twisted Roads

Freebird said...

Wow! i love that desert roads, it looks so quiet and solitary, maybe this summer...
Thanks for sharing,
Un saludo.

Ken said...

Richard - Bryce & Zion are hard to beat for scenery and roads! Good luck.

Jules - The temps varied from frost on seats to summer gear...hard to pack for a trip like that (cue the violins...) LOL

Roger - Thanks! :)

Jack - Yes the formations on day 1 are on SR128, but in southern Utah they are just about everywhere you look. Let me know if you come out.

Freebird - Summer will be hot in southern Utah, a better time would be spring or fall. But any time is better than nothing. Give me heads up if you do decide to come out.

bobskoot said...


I've been in the area but I want to come back on the Bike. I love the Moab area and we did stay in Blanding after a day into Mesa Verde. We spent a day in Arches and Canyonlands and We took the easy trail to Delicate Arch.

Your photos brought back some memories as we did the Grand Circle tour which included Grand Canyon, Monument valley, Zion & Bryce to name a few. We got caught in a snowstore on the road towards Hanksville.

Riding the Wet Coast