Saturday, March 19, 2011

Devil's Highway Day 3

I've stayed overnight in Chambers Az. I'm anxious to leave Chambers behind and I'm off early in the morning. I'll meet Jared near Lordsburg, New Mexico tonight.

Couldn't resist a pic of this old firetruck in Sanders, Az.

For a long time the scenery is somewhat limited.
Finally I get to Alpine, Az the north end of the Devil's highway. I'm a little hungry so I get me some manly health food to snack on.

Blue Vista outlook. I'll stop here again on my way back tomorrow.

The next three pictures are of the same corner. Notice the dark spot.
It's gravel....
Now, note the reflector pole bent over...other than the trees, this is a several hundred foot drop-off. Somebody had a bad day here. Not knowing how long ago it happened I stopped across the way and scanned the drop-off for...but didn't see anything that looked out of place.

At the south end you ride several miles through a mine, the next two (crappy and taken from a distance) pictures show the mine and if you look close the road that goes through it.

Some switchbacks.

Closer view of the mine.
Duncan, Az.
Day 3 miles - 303

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