Saturday, March 19, 2011

Devil's Highway Day 4

We have to backtrack to Lordsburg before we can go north.

Jared's new bike.

The south end of the Devil's Highway is Clifton Az. Clifton has to be the most funky town I've ever seen, at least here in America. It has a very "Third World" feel about it. The locals are friendly and the town is charming, but if you want to feel like your out of the U.S. without actually leaving, go to Clifton. I wish we had had more time to spend there.

An old train in Clifton. Within a few feet of this train was an old underground jail, reportedly to have held Geronimo at one time.
One of Clifton's more nefarious, and desperate jail birds.
The old train station.

Leaving Clifton.
Mountain sheep, aka Bighorn.
Another display train, just before we enter the Devil's highway.
Some pretty tight turns on the Devil's highway.
Jared flogging his Nomad.
The speed limit varies from 40 down to 10mph I pretty much just stayed at 40 except in the tighest corners, that was fast enough for me.
Some sweet friends gave me a shirt for Christmas with a picture like this on it, the caption is: "The Best Gears of Your Life!"
Blue Vista Lookout.
Speaking of Lookout! Someone shot holes in the Blue Vista restroom's door. I think guns and restrooms don't mix. Maybe I'll start a movement, and raise a big stink trying to get this kind of shhh....tuff outlawed!
Someone else left these roses at a rock outcropping at Blue Vista. Lovers leap maybe?

On our way. We stop for gas at Alpine, the other end of the Devil's Highway.

Day 4 miles - 263

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Raftnn said...

Devils Highway looks great, and once again great pics....onto day five now.