Friday, March 18, 2011

Devil's Highway Day 6

Leaving the condo (Pinetop Az)

I want to visit my ole buddy Al on the way home, but he is 500 miles down the road, so I need to burn some miles today. I jump on I-40 which goes past Winslow Az. Winslow has been on my bucket list for years because of the Eagles song. Route 66 Thru Winslow is awesome! They have done a super job of making it fun, and interesting.

And here it is: Standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona... It's a busy place, and the other folks there were very friendly! I guess everyone was as excited to see this spot of the world as I was and just wanted to talk about it.

The flatbed ford, and Gen.

Across the street.

Down 66 a few blocks in Winslow.

And back on the super slab for a spirited mile burning ride. I stop in Flagstaff for gas and happened to spin the rear tire while it was up on the center stand. About 90% of the tire looked acceptable, but on one spot the tire was very nearly bald. Not only that, but little chunks were coming out of the someone had picked at it with a knife or cheese grater! Thinking about the speeds I had just done made me a little queezy. I decide I need a new tire, and after a couple of hours on the phone find an Anakee in Flagstaff. I would rather have a matching tire, but my options are limited to say the least. So off I go to Northland Motorsports in Flagstaff for my new Anakee. It wasn't cheap, but they did give me a rush job and I was soon back on the road. Thanks Northland for installing my tire so quickly.

I could have bought this Yamaha while there...

I arrive in Mesquite about 7:30, three hours later than planned.

Day 6 miles - 508


BeemerGirl said...

Love the painted "windows" behind the "standing on the corner" statue. Had to zoom in for a closer look to see the eagle in the window.

Really glad you caught that tire!

Ken said...

Lori - Note also the couple three windows over. All in all whoever designed that intersection did a super job!

Elaine said...

It was fun meeting you in Winslow. I took your picture and you a picture of my husband and me. It's because of your having a tripod I now have one too. Your travels look very interesting.

Ken said...

I remember you and your husband and the conversation we had about the tripod. Thanks for dropping in on my blog, it's nice to hear from you!