Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bear tooth and back 2011 Day 1 of 6

Time for our annual couples ride. This year we will go north with overnight stops at Alpine Wyoming, Cody Wyoming, Cooke City Montana, Rigby Idaho and, Lava Hot Springs Idaho.

We get ready to leave Monday morning August 8th.

Kenny and Jan on the black HD (Jan injured her back the week before the trip so she will be following in their SUV), Rooster and Wendy on the Wing, Brent and Julie on the gold and black HD, and Beverly and I on our Nomad.
North on the Legacy Highway to get out of town.

We make one of my favorite northbound stops, the Trappist Monestary in Huntsville. I've mentioned before in this blog how the Trappists numbers are declining as they are not getting new members and the current ones are slowly dying off. It seems like there are fewer each time I visit. The Trappists don't talk unless communication is necessary (a good habit to be in..), and I wonder if they ever recognize me and think to themselves how much 'that biker guy is aging..' Time goes on for all of us.

Wendy and Jan on the peaceful Monestary grounds.

Photo op at a gas stop in Randolph Utah.

Then past Bear Lake and into Idaho where we stop in Fish Haven Idaho for a delicious sandwich at Gladys Place.

Looking across a hayfield to Bear Lake.

No...not THAT Paris, Paris Idaho. This Tabernacle was built in 1888, we stop for the free tour.

The Tabernacle is not for the faint of heart, gimpy knee'd, or weak ankled.

Our tour guide tells us this is still an active meeting house. Weddings, funerals, and some church meetings are held in this Latter-day Saint building.

The back of the Tabernacle.

Brent and Julie have been married for over 30 years and they still act like a couple of kids in weird is that?

The local rag is right across the street.

We arrive in Montepeiler Idaho.

We quickly get our Bear-ings..... (click on the pic) and head across town where we will go north on U.S. 89

I think I'd rather sit on a bench held up by a cowgirl than one held up by bears...better yet, one held up by a bare cowgirl...

If you look close you can see a cabin/house on the middle ridge.... I can't imagine how beautiful their view must be everyday!

We arrive at Alpine Wyoming where we will stop for the night. Palisades reservoir is next to Alpine.

More bears and a direction pole at our hotel.

Our room was spacious and pretty nice. I'd be happy to stay here again.

At the gas station.

Dinner at the hotel restaurant.

And the end of the first day...tomorrow we'll ride to Cody Wyoming.


BeemerGirl said...

Lovely day. No lights or sirens. :) Too many bears roaming around. Off to read day 2.

Ken said...

Thanks! :)