Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bear Tooth and back 2011 Day 2 of 6

Day two August 9th

We're looking out our hotel deck window at the Palisades reservoir at the sunrise.
Loading the bikes and getting ready to go. We'll ride the Swan Valley highway past Palisades reservoir, then to Victor Idaho for brunch, over the Teton pass, we'll skirt the town of Jackson by taking a seldom used shortcut (the reason it's a seldom used shortcut is because it takes longer..) then north to Yellowstone and on to Cody Wyoming where we'll spend the night.

Rooster wants to tryout my Darkside tire. A "Darkside" tire is a car tire on the rear wheel of a motorcycle. The reason one would do that is to get more miles per $.

We stop for a group pic at a pull out...ten seconds used to be paw-lenty of time! On my next birthday I'll have to reset my timer. It's a good thing I have it set to take more than one picture!

Victor Idaho. Lots of fun shops here.

We ate here.....very very good!

The old train station, a good man who is without a doubt doing something very important in Heaven right now, grew up here. Rest (or work, he didn't sit still much) in peace Ted, you are missed.

Teton pass. 10% grades on the way down to Jackson...hmmmm, I wonder if we will see a truck with hot brakes?

Hot brakes.....

Our first good view of the Tetons.

Stop in the Teton NP visitors center and we see this cool car.

Into Yellowstone NP

Apparently this sign in necessary....

Some hotpots.

Another cool car at the hotpots.

Back when the big fires raged through Yellowstone, the handwringers said it would never recover...the park is looking great, recovery and all!

Out the east gate on our way to Cody.

We get wet.

Our stop for the night. NOT recommended.

We met and had a super conversation with the two Canadian couples riding these bikes. Dinner in Cody...pretty good.

1/4 of the Canadian group.

End of day two. Tomorrow we'll ride to Cooke City Montana via Chief Joseph highway and Bear Tooth Highway.


Tarsnakes Down Under said...

Ken, I really enjoyed reading this post and the pics are sensational. All that blue sky - very envious as it's a wet winter's day down here.

Ride safe.


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Ken:

I can always rely on you for great pictures accompanied by a text rich in human interest. Now I have to see the Tetons too. Photo #20 took my breath away.

Regarding thev10% grade... I rode a number of major highways in North Carolina and West Virginia where pull over areas were provide for trucks to cool their brakes, before starting the next segment. This was in addition to the runaway truck ramps. I am glad I never found myself in front of a big rig with burned brakes.

What made the Sunrise Motor In a bad experience? Just a dump? Or the kind of dump where you wonder what's living in the carpet?

What bike do you ride? Have you done anything special to it?

Great post.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

BeemerGirl said...

I absolutely love that you posted and admitted to the timer issue. That is one of the things I think about when using the feature.

Beautiful old cars. Breathtaking rock formation at the east area of the park that you were able to capture.

Like Jack, what was wrong with the hotel in Cody?

Ken said...

Jules - thanks! Winter is just around the corner for us....not looking forward to it!

Jack - The Sunrise Motel: Yes to all. :) I started to type an explantation here but it is too long! It was a dump, poorly staffed, etc. There is too much negative in the world and I try to avoid adding more, but this place sucked.

Lori - Every camera timer should have an "old guy" setting. :)