Saturday, October 8, 2011

Burger Run - October 2011

What's a burger run? Mike, aka Vegashotwheeler (and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada) me (West Valley City, Utah) and any friends who want to join us, meet at Hoovers Grill (Marysvale, Utah) for a burger and BS session. We've been doing this for quite a while now; a burger run combines three of our favorite things; a nice ride, a nice burger, and a nice visit with good people.

Mike suggested October 8th for the last burger run of 2011. He and I had been trying to line up our schedules for some time and finally hit a day we were both free. We knew we might have some weather problems, but pushed forward anyway. Sure enough it was a rainy least in Utah, in Vegas it was 73 and sunny!

The Vegas guys have to start on the ride at 5:30am. I can start around 9:00 and make it in time. Adrian from Layton is coming on this ride, he and I meet at a gas station near Lehi and hit the road.

We saw these near the Big Rock Candy Mountain. I'm not really a railroad train guy, I never had a train set or railroad collection, but I have to say I do enjoy seeing a well built caboose! I'm endlessly facinated by the caboose, and can spend a lot of time checking out the different sizes and shapes, so it was fun to see this place.

This project is still under construction. I don't know who is doing it, what their plan is or how it will look when finished, butt I'll be checking it out next time I'm in the area! I didn't get any closer or take a lot of pictures as some people get a little edgy when you spend too much time admiring their caboose.

A few miles down the road is our goal, Hoovers grill.

Adrian and I get here first so we patiently wait for the others, we were only about half way through our burgers when the Vegas guys arrived....

My lunch, a 'Shroom-Bacon burger with the house fries. It's not on the menu, you have to ask for it.

The bike line up.

Meet Mike (left) and Jerry (black shirt). They may look like a couple of hairy old bikers, but they are actually two of Santa's elves...yes you read that right! Mike and Jerry carried a bunch of Hotwheel motorcycles on this burger run and gave them to me for my "Festival of Trees" tree. You can see the motorcycles in the last picture. What a couple of Steller guys!

Thanks Mike, Jerry and Adrian for donating items for the tree! And thanks for another great burger run.


Tim Harris said...

Looks like a great run. I missed this one but definitely want to be in on the next one. Stuck working in Vegas today but next time I am calling in sick if I have too.

Tim Harris
2011 Victory

Deb said...

I should have went on the run, it would've been better than watching the Utes loose.

Ken said...

Tim - It would be super to have you join us. We had a Victory on the last burger run, about time we had another one!

Deb - You should have come along, you could have brought ole what's-his name with you!

Thanks for reading!

Freebird said...

Nothing like friends for a ride-day! and that burger i think is not big enought :-)...

Un saludo.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Ken:

Well this looked like a hell of a lot of fun! There is nothing like friends arriving at a distant spot on a map, from all four points of the compass. These things always start off the same way, but about fifteen minutes into it, it become obvious it's just the last burger ride continuerd for another session.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

BeemerGirl said...

Man...I'm jealous. But I think you have it wrong and the Vegas, even getting out at 5:30 have the better run. Longer saddle and road time. :)

Great looking hotwheels! Butt you might need to hide a caboose on that tree somewhere.

Ken said...

Freebird - Yes, the friends do make the day!

Jack - Besides the good food, another good thing about Hoovers is they let us sit at the table as long as we want. We've had some epic BS sessions!

Beemergirl - True....the Vegas guys have a 570 mile day, mine is only 400 About the tree, I think you are right butt where will I find a proper and fitting caboose?

motoroz said...

That is a great idea. A day of riding and a great burger - that is my kind of day.

Ken said...

motoroz, I agree and we add one more ingredient good friends! Perfection! Thanks for reading.