Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Road to Salvation p III

The unfinished pool.

The stable.

More pool.

Gas station

Construction was halted in 1931 when they found out they were building on the wrong spot, the castle was on government land, Albert's land actually started one mile north. Oops...

The original entrance to the property.

Off we go to Beatty, Nevada for fuel and food.

We weren't the only bikers out that day..

A sandwich at Beatty and a night ride back to Vegas brought an end to a super ride. 370 miles.

The next day, Monday, I ride alone to see Salvation mountain near Niland, California

A building in Niland.

Numerous squatters near Salvation Mt.

And there it is....Salvation Mountain.

Leonard Knight created Salvation Mountain to spread the message, "God is Love" The mountain is 50 feet high and 150 feet across built from, straw, logs, and local adobe.

Salvation Mountain.

More pictures on p IV

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Very strange place Ken, i never hear talk about it... the roads are lovely, it remenmber me last summer riding across Death Valley roads... nice ride my friend!

Un saludo.