Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Road to Salvation p II

After a nice breakfast we fueled...


And went on our way to Bad Water. Three of the dual sport riders went on a dirt route, the rest followed Mike on the pavement through Death Valley. I'm pointing at the the little white sign that is at sea-level. The parking lot we are in is about 280 feet below sea-level. While we were here the dual sport guys had ridden to the top of that that mountain via their dirt route and were watching us.

The line up.

Leaving Bad Water we head to Furnace Creek.

Kind of steep...

We stop at Furnace Creek for snack and chat.

Some of the best parts of this ride were spent off the bike.

On the road again, this time to Scotty's Castle.

Scotty's Castle. Built by Albert Mussy Johnson Circa 1923. Walter Scott or "Death Valley Scotty" as he was known locally, claimed to have spent millions building the 'castle' but it was Mr. Johnson's money and house. Unfortunately the market crash of 1929 altered his plans and he had to turn the property into a hotel.

The back of the castle.

There is a large pool (never finished) on one side of the castle, this bridge goes across the pool. A nearby natural spring would have filled this pool, had it been finished. The spring did power a pelton wheel to give the castle electric power.

Building behind the castle.

And the day just got better and better..

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Where you been ken, havernt heard from you for ages....