Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Road to Salvation p IV

Salvation Mountain, continued;

It could be called the Salvation Mountain Range, as there is another small man built hill to the south...

The inside of the second mountain.

At one time the local county poohbahs threatened to remove this art as it was unathorized and built on government land. In 2002 Senater Barbara Boxer had it entered into the Congressional Record as a National Treasure, thereby protecting this site.

I started the day with my electric gear on and still cold, here at Salvation Mountain I had taken off everything I could and still be legal and was very hot!

It was time to call it a day, I ride back to the condo, a 693 mile ride.

Tuesday I ride the 445 miles home. What a great trip! 2164 miles.

Here are some more pix of Salvation Mountain.


Freebird said...

Great trip ken, a very corious place!, i never hear nothing about it this summer riding across Death Valley road, the next time ;-)... Un saludo.

Ken said...

Freebird - If there is a next time lets get together and I'll show you where it is.