Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SSSSSSSSmoking! 3

I'm on my way to Yellow Pine. From Cascade. I take the Warm Lake Road about 30 wonderful miles to the Yellow Pine road, then another 32 miles of not so wonderful road. The Yellow Pine road is one lane wide for two way traffic. Corners are often blind and sharp. After just a short time on the road I meet a pickup, almost literally, coming the other way. He is going way to fast and it was close. Ah well, that's the way it goes.......

More smoke.
Cheap Cricks.

Again, miles and miles of burned out forests, at least the air was a little clearer here.

The road gets a little goaty in places.

The last 16 miles to Yellow Pine is on a dirt road.

Yellow Pine hosts a Harmonica Festival every year in August, and has done so for 23 years. They get about 2000 attendees. The stage goes across main street near where I'm standing to take this picture.
Main street. The people I talked to were super friendly. I had a good (and large) chicken sandwich at the restuarant next to the general store.
And...on my way back for a second night at Arrowhead park.


KJ said...

Wonderful Ken, would love to ride more through this area

Ken said...

Agreed KJ, I can't wait for my next trip up there!