Monday, August 13, 2012

SSSSSSSSmoking! 4

This is the Nature Walk at Arrowhead Campground. They have invested a lot of imagination, time, and money here. It was peaceful, quiet and fun to spend a couple hours walking around.

Hotel Hoot.
 The waterfall and water-wheel have a timer switch you can twist and start the water flowing.

 Carved mushrooms.
Friday I leave the Arrowhead park and ride to Idaho Falls where I'll meet with Brother-in-law Bruce, Cousin Jim, Nephew Tobin, and some other riders for a Saturday ride into Montana.
On my way there I ride through some more heavy smoke and quiet roads.
 A week ago this road was bumper to bumper traffic, today I have the road nearly to myself.
I stop at Kirkham hot springs for a relaxing soak.
 Drying my shoes and suit out.
 Stanley Idaho. Normally this small town of 65 would be very crowded at this time of year, but due to the heavy fires and smoke it was almost desolate.
Saturday morning I ride to Bruce's house. We leave and meet Jim, Tobin and two other riders at a nearby gas station, then on to Sugar City where we pick up riding buddy Brad and two more - and then we are on our way. But first...

 We stopped at Mesa Falls for a rest and picture.
Front: Me, Jim, Kendon.
Back: Bruce, Tobin, Cory, Kellan, Rick, Brad
Some other folks out for a nice day.
 Earthquake Lake. On August 17, 1959 a Richter scale 7.5 earthquake caused an 80 million ton landslide which blocked the Madison river to create this lake. 28 people camping along the river were killed.
Today "Quake Lake" is 190 feet deep and about 6 miles long.
The scar left by the landslide.
 Ennis, Montana. This is where we ate lunch - the swiss cheese mushroom burger was outstanding!
This angler seemed a little stiff, he needs to work on his cast...
 Virginia City.
 I don't like to crop pictures, but I had to do this one to bring it closer...kind of a strange house.
Our last stop as a group is in Dillon, Montana where we gas up and down some liquids on this hot day.

Rick and his beautiful bike.
This has been a super day and a great ride. Thanks to Bruce for setting it up and to the rest of the group for making it so fun.
Everyone but me lives in or near Idaho Falls 143 miles down the road, but Dillon is 365 miles from home for me. I want to get moving so I say my goodbyes and hit I-15.

As I ride home, the sun sets behind me as if to signify the conclusion of this amazing ride.
After a 640 mile day I arrive home at 10:05 pm.
Total trip miles: 2041
Nights sleeping on the ground: 4
Minutes spent wishing I was somewhere else: 0
During this ride the odo on Gen, my faithful Strom, turned 61,000 miles.
This ride was indeed, SSSSSSSSSSSSSSmoking!!!!


BeemerGirl said...

OK. Now this just looks like one Sssmmmooookkkiinnnnn' trip. I'm glad the truck wasn't any closer or going faster. That is one of my biggest fears.

That was a lot of miles in so few days!! Wow! How's the seat??

Ken said...

Lori - 600 miles the first day and 640 the last day, so the other days were not to bad.
Which seat? haha.. I have a corbin seat on the bike so the sitting part isn't to bad. What is bad is when the temps get higher and everything.... heats up. That's when a "moto-kilt" might be of great worth! Maybe bluekat could ship me one over........ :)

Janet Ndinda said...

Hey, I love Rick's bike. Bruce must have done an incredible job in setting up the entire bike. Touring Bike Accessories