Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mr. Gadget goes on a Burger Run.

I've posted about several Burger Runs, and most of them end up at Hoovers, near Marysvale, southern Utah. However this one went to Panguitch, Utah, which is just a little bit more southern Utah.

Eight of us meet at the Crossroads Chevron in Lehi. We will meet two riders from Arizona, and one from Nevada in Panguitch.

This is Doug.
Doug rides a V-Strom 650.
I call Doug "Mr Gadget" can you guess why?

 Doug's a great guy!

Original plans had us meeting at Henries Burger in Panguitch. However when we arrived we found out they were closed to to the owners death a month prior.
 So we go around the corner to a pizza place. The customer service was very good, but I found my Navajo Taco barely mediocre.
The out of state riders; two Arizona guys John, and Howard (standing, middle of room), and Mike from Nevada (black shirt).

While eating, Ken (standing in the corner) tells me of a hot springs that is only slightly out of our way on the return trip. Luckily I had tossed a swimming suit in the bike before I left home.
We find the springs and have a nice soak.... and discover that not everyone in southern Utah is conservatively minded.... ;)
I did have a suit, but no towel, however it was so windy I was mostly dried off  before I got back to my bike...

The ride was windy, cold, and some freeway, but I had a good time riding with and visiting friends! 
480ish miles.


Trobairitz said...

Wow, how does Mr. Gadget remember what all those switches and gadgets are for? I be confused after about 3.

Kenstrom said...

That about how I remember it going down .... Glad I had my towel though. Nice write up Ken.

Ken said...

Trobairitz - I didn't even ask what the gadgets do because I would also be confused. He is a good guy, good rider and fun to have along.

Von Kenstrom - Notice I showed restraint in my choice of pictures..... Let's do it again soon!

VegasHotWheeler said...

Great to see you guys and I request less wind next time!
I'm still craving a Burger!

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