Sunday, March 17, 2013

Burger Run March 2013

Vegashotwheeler, aka: Mike has set up another burger run to Hoover's Restaurant near Marysvale Ut on March 16th.

Unfortunately Mike didn't quite make it to Hoover's. No..he didn't crash, but he had a severe reaction to some meds, and an energy drink. The reaction kicked in as the northbound Vegas group neared Mesquite Nv. Mike was airlifted from Mesquite back to Vegas, spent a night in the hospital and is recovering nicely at home. He had texted me of his situation just as I was leaving my home to meet the Utah riders for our ride south to Hoover's.

When we all got together I apprised the group of Mikes situation, his condition was a concern for all, but there was nothing we could do for him, so we pressed on with the ride.
 Most of the Utah riders met in Goshen. There were 13 or 14 bikes....
The Obligatory group shot....but wait, here comes some more riders!
Just as we snapped the group pic, three more Rough and Tough Riders pulled up on their Gnarly Adventure machine!
This called for another group pic. Those guys seemed like good kids, I hope they had as good a day as we did.
Ok, picture taken it's time to get riding.

170 miles later we reach Hoover's
The Vegas guys arrive a few minutes later and we get down to the business of eating, talking, and laughing!
Vegashotwheeler likes The Hoover's Pastrami burger.
This pictures for you Mike!
(Thanks Jess aka WildManonaTiger for letting me photograph your burger.)
Another Vegas rider that couldn't make the ride is DesertDweller aka Steve. He LOVES scones...this pic is for you Steve!
(ps. Adrian and I enjoyed them for you...)
Hoover's served up their usual tasty food, and the riders had the usual BS session. As far as I know everyone had a grand ol time!
Thanks Hoover's!
Another pic of the bike line-up this time including the Vegas bikes.

We all say our goodbyes and head out. Adrian and I ride south to Otter Creek and see these amazing rock formations.
We don't have a set destination and as the sun is getting ready to go down we see a good price on a room in Bicknell, we stay at the Aquarius Inn.
A couple blocks down the street is the Sunglow Restuarant. They are famous for their Pickle pie, and Pinto Bean Pie (yes, you read that right..). We didn't have either one, but we both had a nice entree (the Sunglow really has some great tasting food!) and then I got a pecan pie, and Adrian got an apple pie which we put in the fridge in our room and had them for breakfast.
If you're passing through that area the Sunglow is a great place to eat.

And we're up at the crack of mid-morning and on the road again.

We make a stop to raise the water table, and while doing so these guys run across the street.

Ice fishermen.... on Fish lake.

We take SR 72 from Loa, north..

 Forsyth Reservoir.

 The day was windy, but the weather wasn't bad until we started up Huntington Canyon (SR 31) where we ran into a lot of white. A couple of times the visibility was down to 30 or 40 feet, that and glazy looking roads had us tip-toeing around the corners. But, it's all good, once we got down to Fairview and on to US 89 it warmed right up....haha.. and we had a great ride home!

Thanks Vegashotwheeler / Mike, for setting up this fun event. Next time we hope to see YOU there!
Thanks to the 20-ish riders that attended - everyone contributed to the good time. 
Thanks to Kaybi for letting me use your camera, and a special thanks to Ryker for the tiny finger print on the camera lense. (Grand kids...gotta love em!)
I can't wait for the next burger run!


Adrian said...

Good ride Ken, Thanks!!

KenStrom said...

Great ride! It was good to see the array of farkles on all the bikes.

Anonymous said...

Blackheart, or Scott says: Great to meet my newest group of people that like to ride! Good to see some of my old buddies from Southern Nevada...glad Mike will be just fine after a day or two.

Roger said...

Looks like a great ride mate, nice to see you back and blogging!

Ken said...

Adrian - We need to do it again!

Ken - It's a dangerous thing to see new farkles.... Glad you made the ride!

Blackheart - Glad you came along!

Roger -'s nice to have something to blog about! It has been a long dry spell since my last ride.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Ken:

Damn... I love the scenery you guys ride through. I'm hoping to have a much better season this year, but things are still dragging. If I don't get out your way this year, I will certainly do it next year. I will either ride coast to coast in the next 12 months, or its the LeBrea tar pits for me.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Ken said...

Jack - Thanks for dropping in. I see you've been busy, and looking forward to reading your posts.
Stay out of the pits, a hot tub would be better in the long run..

Daniel said...

I have to make this ride with you all sometime!!!

Ken said...

Daniel - It would be great to have you along, watch My2Wheels forum or M2W FB page for the next burger run date.