Friday, February 19, 2016

A week in Nevada - days 3,4,5

Before I left for Vegas I had posted on the My2Wheels forum that I was coming down and would anyone want to go to dinner or for a ride?
Vegashotwheeler replied and started a 'dinner' thread, but then he got a little under the weather and couldn't make it; bummer!

Then Desert Dweller, aka Steve jumped in and set up lunch with HHH / Brian, Big Al, and DuneFreak / Pete.
And wouldn't you know it?  I forgot to get a group pic!
 After lunch DD, Big Al, and I went for an awesome ride that DD had come up with.
First we visited the dam and walked across the Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. We had thought it wouldn't be busy...but thats ok it was still fun!
 The walk across the bridge is waaaaaay up there...

 DD and Big Al.
And the old road is waaaaaaaaaaay down there.

In the middle of the bridge, I've got one dirty boot in Nevada and one dirty boot in Arizona...

 A couple of Studly GSA riders.

And we're off for more of the ride... Steve takes us down 3 or 4 boat ramps to the lake...which is very low!

Steve and Big Al kicking up some dust.
 On North Shore road...the scenery is spectacular!

 Remember in one of the Lord of the Rings movies when they are taking the Hobbits to Isengard and the one hungry orc says, "What about their legs, they don't need their legs..?" 
The top of that rock structure reminded me of his face....

 I think this is Desert Spring.
You can see by the shadows that it is getting late. Big Al has invited us to dinner at his house, which sounds good to me! When we get there his wife is just starting to get things ready and in about 10 minutes has this fantastic meal in front of us!
Thanks for dinner Mrs Big Al!

Its Thursday and I'm on my way home. I go out on the same road Steve took us on yesterday...I want to see it at a...... more relaxed pace.

And it's just as beautiful as I remembered from the day before.

When I left Vegas in the morning I was told about a high wind warning for southern Utah....and they were RIGHT! The winds started in Arizona, and just kept getting stronger as I rode into Utah. 

I had stopped in Beaver, Utah for gas. As I fueled (with the wind at the back of the bike) I had to hold the bike from being blown forward off the side-stand (I'm not in the habit of parking the bike in gear). The placards at the gas station were coming out of their holders and blowing past me without touching the ground. Rain and slushy snow were 'falling' horizontally. I was under the stations canopy, but was still getting soaked from the horizontal precip. Something aluminum upwind of me was coming apart and pieces were sliding across the parking lot making an awful screech.

After fueling, as I was putting my helmet back on a man and woman pulled up to me and asked which way I was headed....when I said 'north' they told me they just came from that way, and there were numerous cars that had slid off the road and a semi had tipped over on its side in the middle of the north bound lanes..

Riding in the wind is one thing, riding in the wind on slushy roads is quite another....I got a room for the night and rode home Friday.

The Weather Service reported gusts up to 87 mph.

Friday morning after an excellent complimentary breakfast I was on my way home, 200 miles of temps between 30 and 45 and before I knew it I was pulling into my garage, cold and hungry, but still with happy thoughts of  a super 1,646 mile ride still rolling around in my head!
A little sun and a LOT of road goes a long way........ :)


Trobairitz said...

Awesome trip. That ought to help hold you over until spring arrives in Utah.

How great you could meet up with others, go for a ride with them, and eat good food.

Thanks for sharing the trip report. while I've been to Vegas, I've never been out to "the dam". It is on the list though.

Ken said...

Trobairitz - Next time you are there you should go to the dam. Just the ride/drive down there is worth it. I've not taken the Dam tour, but I hear its interesting. Walking across the bridge is REALLY neat!