Sunday, July 3, 2016

Torrey, Utah.

I have three free days so I ride south.
I end up in Torrey, Utah at the Wonderland RV park.
I can pitch my tent here.....
 or rent one of these cabins.....
 or stay in the sheep herder wagon.....
 But no, I choose this...the price is right and even though I feel guilty for not using the tent I brought......
 ............the guilt feeling goes away when this happens...  

 My 'backyard'.
 Later that night I go here for dinner.
 Excellent burger, and super service!
The next day (Saturday) I find a place to watch the Independence Day parade.
 The best part was the classic cars.

 Then I'm off for a ride on the Burr Trail.

 I stop and take a short hike into this slot canyon.

 On my way back out.

I continue on to Escalante and 'lunch' here;
Berries are good for you...right?
 The Three berry favorite kind of health food!
 Aaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnd it's raining again.
I somehow time my ride across the exposed Hogback for the worst part of the storm. I can almost say, "one thousan..." before the thunder sounds after the lighting hits....  My ears were tingling by the time I rode out of that storm.
It was a great ride despite the rain. 600 miles of southern Utah beauty!


Trobairitz said...

The weather definitely seems to be iffy this year. Good thing you have waterproof gear.

That shake looks pretty tasty too.

Ken said...

Tro - I seem to be able to find the storms this year....