Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cal group to Moab I

A group of  Strom buddies from California are coming to Moab to ride around....and I've invited myself to join them!
I ride to Moab on Saturday, the group will arrive on Tuesday so I have a couple days to explore.

I ride to the "ghost town" of Cisco...I say "ghost town" because I think there were people living in a few of the buildings.

Speaking of "ghosts" .... I think I saw the ghost of Kowalski in his white challenger speeding down the road - in Cisco, then they just ... "vanished"...
(no bull dozers were spotted)

I leave Cisco and go back onto SR128 westbound to Moab.

I'll stay in the Slickrock RV park in Moab for three days...I won't be staying there again. Poorly maintained bathrooms and very noisy.

The next morning I go the the local grocery to get some vittles.

After cooking breakfast, I go on a day ride. I've heard about a dirt road just west of Moab... I find Kane road and off I go.

Some newly built "ruins"...

You can see its a beautiful road.

I watched some four wheelers go through so I could see if there were any surprises....finally I felt like I had a good line picked out and motored on across.

I stop  just short of "Chicken corner" and talk with these jeepers then head back down the way I came.

Back in town I get a burger at Milts Stop and Eat.

After lunch I ride to Dead Horse State Park

Near the end of the Dead Horse road are these potash lakes... They are brilliant!

I leave Dead Horse SP and figure since I'm so close I'll ride into Canyon Lands NP and take a few photos.

Leaving Canyon Lands NP I ride back to Moab, but just as I'm getting to my campsite I remember a road I saw earlier and decide to follow it for a while.

Another crossing, this one MUCH deeper....but I make it.

And I run into a locked gate. But these holes in the cliff were intriguing.

I climb up to them, all three connect, and you can see someone has put a veneer inside them. Most of the veneer has fallen off or been broken off.

Well, its getting late, I grab a bite to eat and call it a day.


Trobairitz said...

There looks to be a lot of nice dirt roads in the area, but at the same time it looks like it would be really slick when wet. Good job on getting through the giant puddles.

And I haven't heard a Vanishing Point reference in years, nice one.

Ken said...

Tro - I couldn't pass up on Kowalski... And yes, the clay is VERY slick when it gets wet... DAMHIK..... :)