Friday, October 12, 2018

Going south P.4

The Zona del Silencio - I only learned about the Zone of Silence a few months ago, but ever since hearing of this strange place I've felt like I was on a  Quest to see it.

On June 2 1970 the US launched a test missile from Green River, Utah. It was supposed to land in the White Sands test range in NEW Mexico, a distance of about 470 miles - IF it flew in a straight line like say - two African swallows carrying a coconut.

But somehow the missile got confused and kept going right on past White Sands and flew an additional 455 miles and landed in Mexico. After the US military found the errant missile they, with permission from the Mexican government of course, went into the area and cleaned it up. That is when they discovered that compasses and radio signals acted erratically in the area. Add to that reports of strange sightings of lights and other objects (and aliens....) and the fact that the Zone of Silence is on the 27th Parallel as are the Bermuda Triangle, and the Pyramids at Giza - and it all starts to make sense...

It was quiet when I was there, but I didn't very far on the nasty dirt road.

The next day it was time for an oil change...only three more to go..

Things along the road.

I got on a nice 'freeway' to burn some miles and saw a town off to the side. I thought I would take the 'exit and check it out.

This is what greeted me at the end of the 'exit'..
I'm looking back here, and it was harder to see at speed.
 I was to close swerve so I just hit the brakes hard then let off so the suspension would be settled and went across, and bumpity-bump - The Super Tenere did her job with aplomb and kept me upright.
I crossed at the nasty part.

I cross the Tropic of Cancer

I'm not in the most scenic of areas, when I get farther south I'll see more ruins etc. But I do like old churches and missions, and I found this one quite by accident; I saw a neat road and started following it and ended up here. The only name I could find was St. Tomal Mission. No dates.

I'm six days across the border and learning that my Spanish skills are lacking. I can read and understand a lot of that, but speaking requires patience of the native I'm speaking with. I'm improving slowly.

I've also learned that, in my case at least, gout doesn't like Mexican cuisine. I've had pain that got worse each day until finally two days ago I could not walk let alone ride on Mexico's unpredictable streets. I had taken the prescription meds I had brought with me, but they seemed to have ZERO affect on the problem. After a long day and a longer sleepless night, I threw in the towel and was going to return home...

Luckily I had earlier in the day visited a Pharmicia and they had sold me a bottle of some NSAID.  I'm leery of taking things when I can't read the label, but by three in the morning I was desperate for some pain relief...
I took two.

Within 20 minutes I fell asleep, then I was able to limp out to the bike the next morning and rode 200 miles north (foot and knee pain steadily improving this time..), was able to have a goods night rest and woke up around 8:00am wondering What-The-Hell I was doing going NORTH!?! long as I'm able I'm going to continue on and right now I'm focusing on my second goal of Panama City.

Stay toon't I hope to visit some Mayan ruins tomorrow, and make the Mexican southern border in 9 days if I can keep my bod together.

EDIT to add:  The gout wins. It returned with a vengeance so I have turned around and have headed for home.
I am bitterly disappointed to say the least.


Krod said...

So sorry to hear of this health problem. Hopefully you and your healthcare professional can come up with a remedy. Maybe next year. The silver lining could be an opportunity to work on your Spanish. I actually use your trips to help plan some of my own. Thanks for ride reports and good luck.

Ken said...

Thanks for reading Krod!