Sunday, October 24, 2021

RC track I (no bike content)

Our youngest son, Theron, bought an RC car.....pretty soon everyone in the family was buying them. 
We bought two and then I decided I needed to make a track at our house.

We have a wall in the basement that is just begging for some I start the project, not really knowing what I'm doing.
I watched some online videos about RC tracks, but didn't see anything like what I had in mind. 
The one thing they all emphasized was they made their track on a budget.
Challenge accepted, and I started gathering all my scrap wood and parts.

I install the cleats to give me an idea of what it will look like.

Then I start adding the shelf material. I bought the composite flooring at a thrift store for $10 for a package. I was able to buy a 4'X8' 1/4" underlayment at a big box for $5.00 as a corner has a small amount of damage. Then I cut the sheet to 4 lengths of 11" 'shelving'.  And the 12" x 8' length of shelving I actually found on the side of the road... no really! So far so good on the budget!

I have some hinges in my hardware bin, so I design the track so I can change the layout as wanted.

The cars need to get from one level to the next so I make an 'elevator'... it works pretty darn good. I had hoped to power it with the car and pulleys, but the little RC cars just didn't have the traction to turn the pulley.

I continue to add out for the Killer dog!!

A suspension bridge is in order...several twigs off a tree in the back yard, add some twine and wood glue and you have a very nice bridge!

The track still isn't done....and it probably will never be 'done' as I keep seeing new things to do. 
This is a video on Rumble of the track.

I hope you enjoy it!

Or the youtube link
(available on 29 Oct)

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