Wednesday, May 24, 2023

2023 (5) US 15 Best

 We have a new grandson in Seaside Oregon so we motor over there to welcome him into the family.

And he is a cutie!

While Bev is doing the grandmother thing I jump on the bike to go out and get some more roads checked off.

I ride to Concrete Washington to check off the 20 to Okanagan Washington. First the paperwork

And then the stops along the way.

I overnight in Okanogan then leaving the next day I spy this strange statue and couldn't pass up taking a picture.

I end up following this road out which led me to (I think) it was Roosevelt Lake where I took a ferry across the lake and continued on an absolutely excellent ride through some of Washington's beautiful back roads!

The next morning my plan is to ride Lolo pass from Lolo Montana to Lewiston Idaho. When I stopped in Lolo to get gas and the receipt these three guys came in on their bikes.
(I hope I get these names right) from left to right is Willie he rides a Honda Shadow, then it is Morgan he rides a Victory Vegas 8 Ball, and last but not least is Glenn who rides a Yamaha Venture Royale. They are cousins and they're riding from the west coast (Wa) to attend a church meeting in Kalispell.
It was a very positive experience for me to talk to these three guys and feel not only their enthusiasm for life, but also their love for God. 

They are excellent representatives for their church and I was extremely happy to make their acquaintance.

Then sadly it was time to stop talking get to riding! So off I went to  the US 12 and begin my Lolo Pass ride to Lewiston. 
Lucky for me I had donned my rain gear because it soon started raining , and continued raining a significant amount along that 200 MI. Of Lolo to Lewiston. 

I arrived in Lewiston wet, a bit chilled, but happy and will stay there overnight and  tomorrow check off the road from Clarkston to Enterprise Oregon.

I start off early from Lewiston, cross the bridge to touch Clarkston then  ride Rattlesnake pass.
The necessary paperwork.

And two "mid ride" pictures.

So that is 13 roads...I just need 2 more to complete this year's US 15 Best roads.
The final two should happen in a couple of days.

We were heading to Cal aiming for the Feather River road. As we entered Susanville and stopped at a gas station I met this guy, Brian. Brian is a funny guy and I our visit was a hoot! He also has a spotless,  very good looking HD!

And back to the final two roads -  we were going to get them in the next couple of days but 
 Rock slides on the Feather River Scenic byway have closed the road and changed our plans. So I will publish this post and when we finish two more rides I'll simply add those to this post.
But first a final picture.
This mural was in Fernley Nevada at the fire station it was just too good to pass up.

So that's it for now when we finish the last two roads I'll add them in here and that'll be it for the 15 best roads in the US. Thanks for visiting!

Anand....adding the 14th road.
US50 the loneliest highway.

The middle pics

Now I only need one more 15B 
Thanks again for dropping in!

And finally....road #15
The 70 was closed earlier this year due to rock slides. But now it is open, however they still have two places where traffic is controlled by a stoplight so they can continue working on clearing the road. But you can go end to end with very little delay.

The mid ride pics

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