Monday, June 10, 2024

Seeing is believing!!

 After two surgerys,  a couple of months of vision therapy, and six months of convalessing my battle with my vision seems to be over (at least I HOPE it is over), I'm finally able to ride again. I'll skip the boring details of what was wrong, suffice it to say I had a 'prism' that apparently was made worse by the unplanned dismount that occured in Alaska in 2015. So again...."finally"....I was able to  go on a longish trip on the bike.  (Sadly I didn't get out the camera as much as I usually do....there is definitely a shortage of pix in this post.)

We went to our son's place in Seaside, Oregon and had a SUPER visit with them. I (rode the Tenere)  stayed 3 days then had to get home for a follow up visit with the Doc. Beverly (drove the WRX) stayed several more days and continued to visit.

We made our first stop in Baker City, Oregon.  Sleep is elusive so at around midnight I hop in the car and take some pics of a few of the cool sculptures around Baker;

Mr. Scorpion should get a ticket for parking in a 'no parking' zone. Or...maybe he'll get a pass as he might a part of a ....sting ... to catch some bad guys.

Leaving Baker City, Beverly takes the fastest route to Seaside (freeway) while 

I pick a more scenic route that ends up leading me into some weather - rain and fog. When the fog grew heavy enough to make me nervous, I stopped at the first hotel I could find and hunkered down for the evening. I was actually less than 200 miles from Seaside - but fog...well you could say fog puts a hazy wet chill on my riding enjoyment.

Our view in Seaside

Chilling on the beach

Our visit in Seaside is LOADS of fun! 
We much, 
We sleep....... not enough,
and We smile and laugh.....until our faces muscles are tired!
Hanging out with family is soooooo much fun!

And then it is time for me to go home. Bev will stay for another few days. For my return trip, I want to relax and don't want to have to hurry so I plan on taking three days to make the (depending on your route, of course) 850/900 mile trip.

That first day I ride to Mitchell Oregon, which should have been a reletively short day of 275 miles but I take the bikers shortcut and I'm able to do that ride in only 323 fantastically curvy miles!!  

I stay the night at their hotel, a converted 90 year old house, which provided a welcome quiet night of good sleep. And the nearby eatery ("Tiger" something is all I can remember) provided some also very welcome bienvenida a la interacción personal because as it turned out I happened to sit next to a Mother and her adult son who, by an amazing coincidence both had the same names as my mother and I; "Ken" and "Mom".  I really enjoyed the excellent conversation and a pretty good burger as well!

Then its 5am the next morning and I can't get back to sleep, so I'm on the road a little after 6am, riding on a gusty-windy, intermintently rainy day through John Day - Boise - Twin Falls,  Wells, Nevada, and Wendover, making several stops for short naps and caffeine.... and then  finally home at 10:20pm....the return miles which (according to google maps) ends up being 678 is a good thing I decided to relax and take my time! LOL

During a gas stop at Wells I meet one of those families that just make you feel better about the future. Dave, his beautiful wife, and a van full of clean, well behaved children (I should add 'adventureous' children!) are off on a vacation to the Redwoods - Safe travels my friend! Darn it all, I didn't get a picture of the family!

Dave rides a Royal Enfield Himilayen and had I been less rattled by the miles, rain, and wind, I would have invited him to the Cache Gathering in South Dakota next week. SD Spearfish KOA June 17 - 21  But I'm doubtful he'll be home from vacation by then.

Bight rainbow over Wells.

This trip ended up being a few miles short of 1900 miles. I've had some other short trips since my eye problems, but struggled at various times while riding.  However, this trip finally gave me some absolutely solid, no doubts at all confidence that my vision problems might possibly be behind me, least I hope so!

Life is sometimes foggy and hazy but mostly life is GOODer than heck!

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